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James Delong

Lifestyle Business Creator & Coach

About James Delong: Lifestyle Business Coach

Welcome to my world of lifestyle creation. I’m James Delong, an introverted entrepreneur on a mission to help 1,000 YouTubers build their dream lifestyles.

My Journey: From Corporate Confinement to Entrepreneurial Freedom

My journey towards lifestyle entrepreneurship started back in 2002 on a fishing trip with my boss. As we admired luxurious sailboats and yachts cruising by, he pointed out one and asked if I liked it. I nodded enthusiastically. Then he gestured at another impressive vessel and asked again. Of course, I loved that one too! But what he said next caught me completely off guard:

“Well, Jimmy, you’ll never get that working for me.”

In that moment, something clicked. I realized that if I stayed on the corporate path, my earning potential would be forever limited. I had to take control and chart my own course through entrepreneurship if I wanted true freedom and fulfillment.

Discovering the Power of Online Passive Income

Since then, I’ve discovered the transformative power of online passive income. Now I get to live life completely on my own terms.

I’ve developed a proven framework that freed me from the boring 9 to 5. By leveraging advanced apps and services, I automated mundane tasks and work smarter, not just harder.

My Approach: Simplifying Complexity for Actionable Results

Having walked the same path, I understand the challenges firsthand. My mission is to simplify complex concepts into clear, actionable steps. I provide individuals with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to create lifestyle businesses perfectly aligned with their passions.

Embracing Life’s Simple Pleasures

Now I get to focus on life’s simple pleasures – cozy mornings with tea, sci-fi shows in the evenings, and the occasional celebratory cigar. This, along with quality family time, re-energizes me and strengthens my commitment to this community.

Our Collective Mission: Helping YouTubers

My goal is to equip 1,000 YouTubers with the strategies and resources to build multiple passive income streams tailored to their unique strengths and interests. Together, we can take back control of our time and start living life on our terms.

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