Why You Start a YouTube Channel and Blog

Take a look for yourself. Finding this blog post should be proof enough that using video and blogs together can help you create another source of revenue stream.

The products and services I have can be served to you in what ever format I want because I control this site. You are limited to what you can offer on other platforms so having a blog (your website) will allow you to do so much more.

You should have your own channel and blog so that you can document and share your passions or process of doing things.

Why YouTube

YouTube is a great way to get people more familiar with who you are on deeper level. Being able to see someone and their mannerisms and personality on video is much different than from seeing photos or reading a post.

Why Blogging

Blogging is a totally different beast and should be a staple for any business. It’s one of the best ways to generate traffic and depending on your post topic, one published post can serve you for many years.

Being able to build your site one blog post at a time is an easy way to grow your business and the work will continue to build on itself each day. After a year or consistent good writing and topic research your blog should be able to reap you tons of rewards financially and authoritatively.

Final Thoughts

Don’t worry about getting things all right when first starting out. Pick a channel name and niche, create your blog and then pair the two together.

If you’re a blogger first… then write 10-15 blogs and then go back and make videos on each of those blogs.

Or you can do the opposite which is what I did here. I made the video first and then wanted to post it to my blog.

There’s not right or wrong way but pushing publish each day should be your goal.

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