Why Vlogging Is Important

Vlogging has come a long way. I remember when I first started vlogging. It was with a Kodak zi8 and then I saved up and upgraded to use a Canon T3i with one of those giant gorilla pods.

I’ll be totally honest, I was uncomfortable at first using that giant rig but after doing a few videos I didn’t care any more.

Everywhere I went people asked me questions. Are you a “YouTuber”, what are you filming and it was different at first for others to see that and nowadays it’s common. Just about anywhere you go you might see someone taking selfies, Face-timing or recording themselves dancing or doing whatever.

I had my reasons for vlogging back then as I was always trying to push the envelope and be on the forefront of and things. And I tell ya what, I am glad did and because of that I was able to get recordings of my kids when I will always cherish.

But now back to why you should be vlogging and why it’s so important.

Why Vlogging is important.

Vlogging can help you get our of your comfort zone and is a way that can allow you to connect with so many different people from all over the world.

It’s a great form for entertaining or educating others. Think of tiktok and how it is being used. I consume these short videos to get a laugh, learn something new and to be inspired. I follow lots of travel and cooking channels.

Vlogging allows you to be creative and brings your viewers inside your space giving them a more personal experience of what it is like to see the real you.

How To Vlog For Your Side Hustle

Using a vlog as a way to show and not just tell your viewers exactly what it is that you do or can offer can lead to some great rewards. Vlogging to serve your audience first by giving value can open the doors for so much and if you enjoy sharing and documenting the process of what you are about to embark then don’t wait for the perfect time or equipment.

Use what you have and begin recording.

Being able to bring people closer into your world with vlogs can strengthen the bond and trust with your audience and by doing so

People genuinely want to support those that they like and trust and if you can bring them value in a form of vlogging be it to educate or entertain them then you are on the right track of building a following that can support you doing what you love and they get to reap the benefits of your produced end product. This would be your vlog.

Final Thoughts

Don’t intentionally seek fame or fortune by vlogging or creating content. This happens as a byproduct of how well your content is. Follow a process and make good content and your popularity and bank account will grow.

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