What Is Content Marketing & How To Use It For Business

If you want your business to succeed then you need to get the word out And having a Content marketing strategy is very important.

Content marketing is a method of marketing in which The creation of content through means such as blogging, podcasting, video creation is published and distributed for a specific target audience. 

There are specific platforms that we’re going to talk about today and I’m going to go over why the should be the main ones you start with and maybe the only ones you will ever need to grow your audience and customer base.


I want to start off with blogging because that’s what I’m doing right now and when done correctly if you find a topic that people are searching for and you can provide immense value to them well, Google and the other search engines will reward you by placing your article in front of these viewers. 

If your strategy is done correctly and you have some type of offer or even ad placements on your website that you can earn a substantial amount of money just by creating valuable content that people want to visit your web page in order to consume.

When we talk about blogging I don’t want you to think of the small 200 to 500 word article I’m saying creating something of immense value to your readers with original content and something that’s Donnie B Evergreen so that it can continue to drive readers to your website year after year.

I’m not going to teach you how to create a blog in this article as there are many resources for that however just know that this should be one of the main Staples for your business.

Video Creation

Over the years you’re starting to see more and more people online creating videos with the rise of applications such as tiktok,, Instagram reels and YouTube shorts and this is just the beginning.

Content creation through video does so much more than an article on a blog post. 

There’s a human touch when watching videos on platforms like YouTube where you can actually watch your favorite Video Creator and Immerse yourself with their mannerisms and body language, 

A good article can go a long way but having video where you can actually see listen and have that connection with the viewer is game-changing.

Even if this is something you’re not comfortable with, it is the way of the future and should eventually work its way into your content marketing strategy.

Creating video contents is quicker organically when trying to grow an audience than blogging.   This is when I say you should combine them both and having a hybrid and the next content marketing strategy is podcasting where that should also be added into the mix as well.

 So when it comes to content creation I think there’s nothing that can compete with video content not even podcasting which is what we’re going to speak of next.


Just like live streaming which I mention earlier is becoming more and more popular so is podcasting. Many of your favorite YouTubers and celebrities are starting their own podcast shows and there’s a reason why. Creating content with podcast is one of the easiest ways to connect with people on a deeper level.

If you aren’t already consuming podcast I want you to think about it like this when a person treat sick podcast how many times it’s way past 2 to the 10-minute Mark as what you would see in a video and most blogs even the lengthy ones may only be 2000 + 3000 Words which can be finished in a few minutes of reading. A podcast such as Joe Rogan’s experience is anywhere from 2 to 3 hours long.

When I consume a podcast it’s usually done while I’m doing something that does it need a certain amount of focus. If I’m cutting the grass, riding my bike, driving to the grocery store, anywhere that I can put in my headphones where I don’t need to speak with someone is usually the time that I’m listening and being educated or entertained by a podcast.

What I want you to understand from this standpoint is that when someone has their focus on you for 2 to 3 hours long which that’s me is overkill I think of 32 45 minute podcast is all you need but I digress if someone  speaking directly to you and your listening then from your earbuds or airpods that is a very intimate thing.

 What I found over the years of listening to podcast is how more personable people are when talking on a podcast they’re talking more about themselves and their life along with the content they’re creating so you actually feel like you know this person and they are your friend.

 That kind of connection is more powerful than even the video content because you feel like you personally know this person because they’re in your head and you’re listening to them as much as you are and you know them on a deeper level that they may not have shared on video.

 I’m not saying that video creators don’t share that type of information I’m just saying I’ve noticed from my consumption that podcast seem to be more deeper connection and on a personal level than video.

If you feel that writing isn’t your thing nor is being in front of the camera then I strongly suggest starting a podcast and finding your Niche to talk about as this can generate tons of great content for you and is a perfect marketing strategy to build your brand awareness and your community.

Email Marketing

This could have been saved for last but I’m bringing it up to you right now to let you know that email marketing is not dead and in fact  the very next thing you concentrate on before even creating more content.

 This is where all the content you create whether it be through a Blog, Video, or Podcast goes to.  All of your content should lead your audience 2 build your email list.

 Your email list is your number one asset for your business.    

So let me break this down real quick to give you a better understanding. you may have a Blog Page and it’s up to Google and how well you’ve written in order for it to be ranked for viewers to find. There’s no magic button you can push to let your audience know that a new Blog has been submitted unless they were signed up on your blog to receive those type of notifications where that’s hardly done any longer.

 If you create a YouTube video a person needs to be subscribed to get notifications and it’s not 100{166b94f287569d1a0b2d85b3ea75ab9dd7b0d0871262724b9cd08371aa02a20d} guaranteed that when you post a new video that all your subscribers will see that at the time that they need to.

 When you create a podcast unless they subscribe to your feed they won’t know what a next podcast comes out unless you tell them I have a certain schedule each week this comes out of this time the same goes with your video.

 However let’s talk about the king of content creation and that’s through email marketing/

 within your emails you can create small stories or blog posts that create value and to be sent and controlled directly by you. If you create a new blog post you can create an email and notified her your readers, hey I just made a new blog post here’s the link to be sure to check it out.

 You can create a new video and do the same thing upload a new video to YouTube press published, now create an email tell your fanbase your audience that’s on that list hey I created a new video he is too link check it out. Send it

 and so forth and so on with any other medium that you have whether it be a new Instagram post Pinterest pin or whatever having the email list that you can control is as close to printing money as possible.

 When you create a new video and upload it to YouTube you want to get as much viewers to see it as soon as that’s released so that YouTube’s algorithm can say hey people are watching this video and then are you liking it or whatever and they start promoting it’s more people well if you have an email list and you create your video and tell people to watch it as soon as it’s released all that’s going to help Spike everybody watching that video is to be promoted to more and more people.

So that’s why I say it’s really important to have an email list.  There’s so much more you can do with email marketing that I can’t even talk about it in this article cuz it would take pages of writing in order for you to even get just the tip of the abilities of what email can do for your business.

E-Book Creation

This last piece that I talked about today is ebook creation. Now the reason why I chose to ebook is because this is a really good source for one, creating content and making it available on many platforms. 2, it’s a great lead magnet that you can give away in order to receive someone’s email.

 Having the e-book can also create a sense of authority and people will see you as an expert in that field if you have a book on that topic. You can decide to either sell or give away your book but inside the contents you should always have a call to action to have people learn more about your business and your offers and to get on your email list.

Final Thoughts

Content marketing is the backbone of your business and it should be used in my opinion to generate leads and build your email list so that way you can continue to send your audience updates to bring them more value to make their life better whether it be through entertainment or information and also you can use this to build wealth on the back end.

 Create a Content strategy that you know can compound over time and continue to bring you more leads and traffic to your website and platforms for years to come.

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