What Is A Good Side Hustle

This is subjective to your skill set but let me bring this to your attention on why I choose these specific side hustles that I am about to go over and why you should consider them as part of your plans as well.

Here’s my list of 3 side hustles that you can do today to start earning more money.

3 Best Side Hustles You Can Start Today

  1. Delivering Food, Groceries and Packages
  2. Ridesharing
  3. Start A Blog

Deliver Food, Groceries and Packages

Delivering has become one of the fastest growing trends nationwide since you know “what” (pandemic) and is a fantastic side hustle. I tried Amazon Flex for a little bit and thought it was great. I knew the hours I was working. I knew the amount of money I was expceted tp earn and this made for good business all around.

Plus I didn’t have to worry about dealing with people in my car.

When deleivering food you are limited to the time that resturants are open but if you choose to do something like a mix of groceries and packages then I think this is a perfrect choise.

When doing something like food deliver with the likes of Doordash or Ubereats you can’t see what the payout will be in advance nor know how busy it will be.

So if you wanted a side hustle that offers flexibility to get you some extra money and if it’s available in your area, take a look at Amazon Flex here.


While I don’t have personal experience with this type of side hustle, I do have immediate family and friends that do it for a living and says it’s another great option for earning extra money and is perfect for those that like working on their terms.

What I learned by asking them questions is that that the fares and fee structures vary depending on the city the company you work for and your vehicle.

If ride sharing interests you then the two main platforms to check out are Uber and LYFT.

Again I want to point out that there are numerous factors that can change your potential earnings and we all have different starting points. You may have a larger vehicle and can do UberXl or you may live in a city where there is a lot more folks using this service.

Bottom line, this is a great way to earn extra income and it’s something you should give a shot.

Starting a Blog

This is my new favorite way of adding revenue into my business. If you think blogs are old and outdated then what are you doing reading this article?

Blogs are a way to claim your stake on the internet. Being able to provide value to your readers and in return you can monetize by selling your own products and services.

If you don’t want to go that route then simply adding advertising on your blog is another way to earn some side hustle money.

With enough traffic, having your own blog can turn into your full time earner.

Additional Side Hustles You Should Know

Here are other ideas of side hustles that you can do as well and if you have the skill set or means to do them then these should also be looked at. But remember, the end goal for what I aim to teach you is to use a side hustle to build the foundation of your passive income earning business.

  1. Tutoring
  2. Online Freelancing
  3. Rent Your Car
  4. List Your House
  5. Buy And Resell Stuff
  6. Create Stuff To Sell
  7. Help People Move
  8. Be A Handyman
  9. Babysitting or Dogsitting
  10. Work Odd Gigs
  11. Take Online Surveys
  12. Sign Up For Freebies

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