What Does a Digital Marketing Specialist Do

I won’t speak the the majority of digital marketing specialist as they all have different roles I’m going to speak to you about what I do as a business owner and my position as a digital marketing or content creator for my own business.

A digital marketer is responsible for maintaining and growing a business’ brand through the use of content creations and Implementing marketing campaigns.

This article is going to be a little bit different than what you may expect as I’m going to tell you what I do behind the scenes and if you learn how to properly structure your business around your lifestyle and gold you’ll be able to do the same.

A day in the life 

The day that life could be so much different from one person to the next. I am not really an early  bird but I still get up around 8 or 9 in the morning. This time I should be doing some sort of exercise or what not but I just haven’t gotten in that zone yet.

 The day starts off with brewing a nice cup of coffee to take to the home office space.

Once I’m settled in the first things that I do Is a No-No and that’s checking my email.   I go a little further into that Concept in the video so please be sure to watch the video attached to this blog.

 The reason why I’m checking my email at this moment is to see if there’s any updates or concerns that I need to immediately taken care of however,this is the wrong way to go about it if you aren’t structured.

I’ve already been doing this for quite some time and know what my day looks like so I won’t allow any emails to come in to derail my plans.

 The reason why I indicate that checking your email first is a No-No is because many folks that don’t have any structure in place will immediately start working on whatever that email is and that stops him from completing their goals that they’re supposed to that they prepared ahead of time.

 I know the night before what projects that I need to work on the next day. Usually that consumes of creating one or two pieces of content and that’s usually one blog and one video.

That’s  How I’m able to grow my business and be sure that we’re on a schedule for the next few months.

 I’ve mapped out at the beginning stages to have at least 100 articles and 100 YouTube videos created on my new site which is this one you see here that you’re reading from.

Once I hit that 100/100 Mark that I can go back to my main business and focus on revising ,updating or adding to that business to make that grow as well.

After Emails

Once I glanced over any emails that I had I will forward on whatever I need to have done that maybe an emergency over to my assistant to make sure that’s taken care of. I then check my apps for any updates such as my  Amazon seller account to see if there’s any messages, inventory issues, or anything that may cause of hiccups in that e-commerce business.

 before going further I do want you to know that I started multiple businesses over the last three to four years and one of them is providing my monthly income so the stuff that you see me doing now which is this changed along blog and YouTube channel is where I’m beginning to take the stuff that I learned from the other business and sharing that with you here so that this can be another stream of income.

Fun Time That’s Also Work

This now leads me to what I called my Funtime which is actually still work but I’ve designed it in the way that playing video games and live streaming it is an additional source of income that allows me to receive my hit of dopamine in the morning.

I’ve set aside 45 minutes to an hour to livestream a game that I’ve been playing and chatting with the community and during this livestream I’ve been able to also take Snippets and create multiple other videos from my live stream so that way I can have more content to publish all my gaming channels website.

Doing this strategy allows me to 1, have fun playing my favorite game, 2. grow my community, and 3. earn additional side money from doing something that I enjoy.

What are finished with my livestream I then start working on my thumbnails for the recorded content I created during that time frame. I could usually get one or two videos out of the livestream that I’m doing so it’s kind of a two-for-one. I get 1 live stream that helps me build my community and within that livestream I get one recorded the video that can be uploaded to YouTube as a video on demand.

 This is how I make the most for my time and you can see as a digital marketer where you may be working on content creation, emails and all those other things,  I get to work on creating content and building a community at the same time and this is what allows me to earn create another stream of income on top of what I’m already doing.

Playtime Is Over

Once I finished playing the games uploading my videos and submitting it to YouTube I can say that my playtime is over but yet I’ve had a very fun and exciting morning so far.

 This is the time where I need to start creating content for my other Niche sites that I work on which are things that I enjoy doing as well so it’s still something I look forward to and haven’t been burned out yet.

 Right about now it’s lunchtime and I will take about an hour lunch And then come back fresh and ready to begin working on some research to start my next blog and my next YouTube video.

 This blog and YouTube video will be for the James Delong site until I get up to 100 pieces of content of both articles and videos.

I would usually start off with a video because I’ve already had my equipment up and ready from my streaming this morning so I’d be able to make a quick recording, and then set that aside and get it ready to add on to a Blog that I’ll be creating momentarily.

 I may at this time take a nap, yes naps are good and if you need them. Take them!

When I wrap up the last part which is the blog for the day I then make sure I’m spending the rest of my time doing research and learning more about my niche so that I can continue to create outstanding contents that can help others and myself continue to grow and build my business.

 Final thoughts

As a serial entrepreneur trading a day that’s perfect for my lifestyle is really important because it allows me to know that I’m getting paid and able to take care of my bills, while still allowing me to have freedom and doing the things that I want.

 If you want to become a digital marketer understand the type of content you’re creating who you going to create it for and how you can make that compound and grow over time. Now that everyone is set out to be an entrepreneur but if you’re a digital marketing Specialist or if that’s your field you should understand how to cell and create your own type of content and that’s the stuff that you should be doing on the side for yourself anyway.

 PS if you haven’t started a blog or your own YouTube channel yet, this is a sign that you should.

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