Tools for Bloggers

When it comes to tools for blogging there just a few things that you’ll need  to get started and I’m going to  share with you what can make it as simple as possible  all the way to adding the bells and whistles to having a professional blog page.

There are 3 things that every blogger should start with before writing their first blog. 

  1. A reason or goal for creating a blog post
  2. An idea of what topic that you want to write about  and who it would be for
  3. A preferred platform in which you can use to share your idea with others

Next I want to talk about your blogging tool kit and my personal recommendations on how you should go about creating one.

Starting with number one above if you know your goal for creating a blog post this will determine what you need inside of your toolkit. If your blog is just to express yourself at for writing or just getting ideas out of your head then you may not necessarily need any type of keyword research tool or planner.

Google has Its own set of tools to research and validate topics  such as Google Keyword Planner or Google Trends and there are countless other tools out there that can help with finding which topics and keywords that have traffic.

If you understand your reasoning for creating a blog post next you’ll want to figure out what that topic is and then figure out who are you writing that article for.   When you have a better understanding of the topic and who you’re writing for it will make it much simpler when actually writing stuff down onto your blog post.

You’ll be able to brainstorm more ideas and Concepts if you know what specifically your topic will be about and the demographics or target audience that you’re trying to write for.

Blogs can be done on free or paid platforms  and your choice for either depends on your long-term goals for your blog. If this is something you want to do as a hobby than there’s no reason for paying for a service so you could use free hosting websites that can house your blogs.

If you would like to have something more professional or something you can get control more of then using a platform such as WordPress with your own hosting service would be my recommendation.

Content Creation Icing (The Tools)

Your blog can be just words written on a page or if you’d like to spice it up a little bit, you can add photos or graphics just to give the blog a little more texture.

Without knowing your skill set or graphic design tell it you could try learning a program such as Photoshop or do what I do and use Canva which is a really simple to use graphic program.    I use a page version of Canva so that I can use the pro photos  to make my post seem a little more vibrant.

I tend to use a program called the Hemingway app which make sure that I’m riding on a easier to read level. sometimes when I right it may come off a little too wordy end using this app will help me dumb it down a little so that it’s more easier to consume it makes more sense.

 I tend to ramble when I’m writing because that’s what’s on my mind and it’s difficult for me sometimes to Omit things but by using an application just the heavyweight app I can go ahead and do right from the beginning what’s remove and what to keep for my blog post.

The last tool you could use is grammarly I don’t use this one but I know that it would definitely help out my run on sentences and my grammar and misspelling but this is just a choice it is not necessary so if you choose to have this option it will definitely come in handy when writing emails or any other things where grammar and punctuation could be an issue.

If using WordPress there are plugins you can add which can also help with the search engine optimization for your site such as yoast SEO.  When it comes to plugins there are just way too much to add and I don’t go to  heavy with my plugins because I like a clean fast an optimized blog site.

Final Thoughts

I’m almost pretty sure you knew most of these tools and if not I’m happy that I can share them with you but the main thing that I wanted you to get out of this post was to understand the first three things that I talked about.

That would be doing your goal the idea and the platform you would like to write your blog on.  

 I want to provide you my answer for that on why I Blog. The goal for my blog is to share my knowledge with people that want to learn how to earn passive income and also for me to make money while doing it. because I wanted to make this a business I choose to use WordPress as my platform of choice.

Now that you know my reasoning go ahead and figure yours out and start blogging.

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