Starting a Business Quickly

You come to the right place if you’re thinking about starting a business and doing it quickly.  However, before moving on I want to let you know who this article is for and who it isn’t for.

This article is written in a format for a person that wants to start a business as a side hustle and then turn it into  a full-time business.   A single page article is too short to go into all the nuts and bolts of what it takes to start a business however we’re going to do a top level of you and get you started as quickly as possible and then you can take your ideas and go from there.

Starting a business can be done quickly if you have an idea to begin with and a business plan. You can quickly come up with a business idea and tie it to a monetization strategy and begin to work from that point going forward.

A service business is the fastest type of business you can start which doesn’t require much preparation or Capital to begin with. you can literally start service business from your phone by accepting payments through means of services such as PayPal or venmo or any type of cash app.

What you Should Know Before Beginning

When someone says to you starting a business do you automatically think of a company with multiple employees with a brick-and-mortar location or do you think of it as a one-person team and done strictly online.

 I bring up this question to you so you can start to think of how you want to start your business and what kind of assets you’ll need in order to build something as quick as possible while also earning a profit is quick as you can.

Here are a few questions you need to go over before you begin your journey.

  1. Have you already done your research for the business idea you want to begin?
  2. Do you know what kind of investment you’ll need to start with and do you have it
  3. Do you have a business plan and the resources needed to start this business?
  4. Is this something you would do temporarily or want to be your full-time career for years to come?
  5. Will you be financially stable to stay afloat paying for business expenses with little to no income for at least 6 to 12 months?
  6. Is there a high demand for the product or services that you want to offer?
  7. Will this be a hobby business or something that will produce great return on investments

If you have more yes’ than no’s then you are ready to begin your business endeavor.

Should you start with Goods or Services

If possible start with a service business it’s something that you have the skill set for and you can do it immediately example dog walking pet sitting babysitting lawn mower service pool cleaning those type of business ideas are really simple to start with not much overhead and you can start immediately.

If you’re thinking about selling products through either an online space or a brick-and-mortar location then you have to start thinking about inventory how fast you can move the products and so on.    this will require much more upfront money whereas something where you can do as a service doesn’t cost as much however both of these methods will still require you to do some type of marketing and advertising.

The beauty of starting a service business is that you can start quickly begin to earn some money and then from that point if you decide you need an office space or some type of building then you can go from there but just to start off with it could be simply running ads and exchanging your service for their money.

What do I need to be a real business

Well I can provide all the answers you will need for starting a business as it varies from State and business models I can tell you here are some things that you should be do when starting your business.

  1. Think of a business name that is somewhat vague we’re at some point if you decide you want to Branch out you can make more sense later for instance don’t call Company “two guys and a mower” if later on you decide you want to sell other type of home and garden services and products.
  2. Next think of what type of business entity you will need such as an LLC Corporation S Corp those type of things again I won’t tell you which one since it is all specific to your business model and state.
  3. Get an EIN here employee identification number.
  4. You should then register your trade name if you don’t want to operate underneath your own name. 
  5. Apply for your business license.  York county or city will require a business license and you’ll use your EIN to identify your business.
  6. If your business requires any type of forms or permits seek those out if necessary.
  7. Set up a business bank account and then any type of online payment processing Service Such a stripe or PayPal to use with your business account .
  8. Set aside enough money to use for the “what ifs” and miscellaneous things that may pop up.

If you don’t have a marketing team then enroll in some courses or find a mentor that can help you specifically Market your business or brand that’s suitable for your industry.

What would I do If I Had To Start Over Again

If you were at this point of the article then you pretty much have the information you need but the reason why I’m writing this here is to let you know if I had to start all over and wanted to start a business and do it quickly here’s what I would do.

The first thing I would do is tap into my strengths and use that so that I can begin selling services.

When I say strengths my strengths are in marketing advertising copy writing those type of things so I could use my skill set to go on to a freelance website and immediately start charging for my services.

If my skill-set were having free time and I was really good with pets I could go on to Facebook Marketplace Craigslist or anything like that and say I’m a dog walker and can walk your dogs in this area from this time to this time or whatever and I can immediately make cash that day.

But since this last section is about what I would do if I had to start all over again it would be to start up a website put the services that I offer such as coaching or Consulting.   I’d start a blog and a YouTube channel and begin talking about this subject of what it is that I’m really good at coaching and Consulting.

In those articles and YouTube channel I would send them to a link to let them know if they would like to use my services here’s what I have to offer. 

Here’s the beauty of what I just explain to you I am doing right now what I told you I would do if I started all over again you’re reading this article because this is my blog site and I have offers for you if you click on the right hand side or somewhere on this page you may see a offer to buy me a drink or any type of consulting or services that I offer if I have them turned on at this time.

If I’m not offering a service at this time then I might have some ads turned on or my affiliate links somewhere on this site so I’m creating a business by creating information from the skills that I know and share.

While I’m playing for the long term meaning hoping to right a hundred or so articles over the next few years on my website to continually drive me free organic traffic if at any point I wanted to I can just launched an ad campaign put it on Facebook or YouTube and push clients and customers to my cells page and making money from that way as well.   

That is not my business model as I like creating content and since I already have a steady flow of traffic coming in so I don’t need to do that model.   I would absolutely tell you to use ads in your marketing plan and I’m not saying that I don’t I most definitely use it if I have a launch of a new product or service however I turn it off at certain times due to how much of the consulting or group stuff that I’m doing if I run a group course and that I know I only want to have a hundred people into my group will I don’t want to spend money getting people into my group if they can’t join in a certain period of time.

If someone finds my limited course or product and it is closed that’s fine if they found it organically because it didn’t cost any money out of my pocket to get them there.

Final Thoughts

I understand that you want to start a business and quickly however you do have to be somewhat realistic and understand that overnight success is never guaranteed nor should you quit if you don’t see any results as quick as you may think.

Allow yourself at least 12 to 18 months of consistent work and always bettering each process every day to make sure that you’re continuing to learn and building upon your business.

Go in with a business mindset that you’re playing for the long term and get better everyday.

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