Starting a Blog That Actually Makes Money

When I first started the blog it was just to get my ideas out of my head and onto the web. 

Now that I understand the value of my written words I’ve actually changed and started monetizing my ideas and thoughts through the use of blogging platforms.

Starting a blog that makes money is factored by the content created.  Using ads and sponsorships is the easiest way to begin monetizing a blog and then moving next into the world of affiliate marketing and then offering personal products and services should follow to scale the business.

In the video attached to this article I discussed understanding who your audience is before we even talk about Niche selection on your blog topics.

When you know who you’re riding for it makes creating a Blog structured in a way to get the most Financial gains possible while also providing great amount of value to its readers.


Your blog topic must captivate your audience to either search for it and click on it or somehow come across it through their feed and want to stop based off of the title that you’ve written.

When you learn how to write eye-catching titles and speak on a topic that people are searching for it makes monetizing your blog so much easier. 


Learning to engage with your audience is a key factor when building your community. If you understand to write in a way that makes your audience wants to respond instead of just reading then you’ll be able to build more like ability or trust and Authority with your readers.

 Any time that you can respond back to your reader  it shows them that you care. when someone sees that you care for them as a reader they are more likely to subscribe to your content to follow you in other places and be more part of your Social Inner Circle.

 This can do so much for you financially as well. Because someone made Wester time with you if at any point when you start promoting any products or Services they may feel the need to support you and purchase said goods and services.

 So anytime when you’re ready and create in your contents think of ways that you can also engage with your readers.


Because we’re talking about blogging this is the way that you to be delivering your content. However, don’t forget that you can also embed other mediums into your blog post. 

At minimum you should have some type of imagery  within your post. If you can add any video related or audio type of content to just enhance the experience than add those as well.

Think about where your audience is.  What platforms do they hang out at. If you know for example your audience is on Facebook or YouTube, then you should write some type  post that contains a link directing them to your website if it’s applicable to the group or page that you’re in.

 Final thoughts

Starting a blog technically isn’t too difficult, it’s coming up with a Content that’s original is where you need to put the most effort in to make readers become followers and followers into buyers.

Let me know when the comment below if you’ve already started a Blog and if so what was the directions that you’ve gone in with. Was it for entertainment, instructional, or for community?

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