Start a Hilarious Blog in 10 Easy Steps

Are you an aspiring humorist looking to start a humor blog? Writing funny content is made easier with careful planning and presenting your ideas through an engaging platform.

Here’s a quick guide of what you need to do to get started: decide on your format and content, gather ideas, choose a platform, design your blog, write, and share your work with others. By following these steps, you’ll have exact instructions for setting up a successful and humorous blog.

A blog is an informational website published on the internet that is typically updated regularly. It is usually focused around a particular theme. Starting a hilarious blog requires that an individual follow certain steps, as outlined below.

1. Choose a humorous topic: Before an individual begins to write content for a hilarious blog, they should first decide on a specific, amusing theme.

2. Pick an appropriate blogging platform: Once the blog’s topic has been decided, the individual must choose a platform to host the blog (e.g. WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger).

3. Design a relevant website layout: The individual should create a simple, visually appealing site layout.

Blog: A blog (short form of weblog) is an informational website published on the internet containing text, images, videos and/or other materials and described as a regular journal in which authors regularly share commentary and analysis on a particular theme. Starting a hilarious blog requires some steps that must be followed, such as deciding on a specific, amusing theme, choosing a platform to host the blog, and designing a visually appealing website layout.

To learn more about the techniques used to create a successful and humorous blog, keep reading! There are plenty of tools and tips you’ll need to know to have an entertaining and engaging blog that both your readers and you will enjoy.

How to Start a Humor Blog

Writing a blog is a great way for aspiring humorists to practice their craft, share their observations with the world, or just give their friends and family something to laugh about. A humor blog presents a unique opportunity to engage readers with amusing perspectives, stories, and ideas. Despite the writing of humorous content, starting a humor blog isn’t any different from starting any other type of blog; you need to think about your goals and make plans for your writing, design, and promotion. Here is how to start a humor blog.

Step 1: Choose a Format

Before you can write your first post or set up a website, it’s important to choose a format for your humor blog. It will serve as the structure for your content and help you focus on the topics you enjoy writing about. It’s best to start by deciding what type of humor you want to write. Consider which types of jokes, puns, or stories you already enjoy making and writing about. Once you’ve made that decision, you can decide on a blog format.

One of the most popular formats for a humor blog is to post short pieces or alternative adaptations of classic stories with a humorous spin. Other popular ideas include jokes or puns, videos and GIFs, photo captions, funny observations, or musings on current events. Consider the topics that you can easily come up with content for and choose your favorite format.

Step 2: Gather Your Ideas

Once you’ve decided on a format, it’s time to start brainstorming some ideas. Before you start writing, spend some time in your own head gathering ideas. Make a list of thoughts, puns, observations, and scenarios that make you laugh. Keep an ongoing list on your phone, in a document, or in the notes app so that you can access it any time.

When you’re feeling particularly inspired, take some time to come up with even more ideas. This can be a great way to get your creative juices flowing. You can even start writing out some of your ideas to get a feel for how they might look on a blog post.

Step 3: Choose a Platform

Once you have a format and some ideas in mind, you can decide which platform to use for your blog. There are many options available, from free blogging platforms to hosting your own website with a domain. If you want to monetize your blog or build an audience, it’s best to go with a more professional platform.

Some popular blogging platforms such as WordPress and Blogger are ideal for beginner bloggers. They are easy to use, offer plenty of customization options, and have useful features such as social media integration. Consider your preferences when deciding which platform is right for you.

Step 4: Design Your Blog

Once you have chosen your platform, it’s time to design your blog. Start by choosing a theme that suits your style and the type of humor you write. Consider the visuals and layouts available, as well as the information you want to share with readers.

The design of your blog should also be an extension of your personality and humor. Consider adding funny captions, GIFs, and images to your blog to make it more engaging. Experiment with different fonts to find something that matches the type of humor you write.

Step 5: Write and Share

Once you have chosen a platform and designed your blog, it’s time to get writing. Start by writing a few posts of your own and sharing them with your friends and family. If they find the posts humorous, they’ll likely share them with others which can help you get your blog off the ground.

It’s also important to promote your blog and build an audience. Consider networking with popular other humor blogs and joining blog networks or forums to get your name out there. Share valuable content on social media and consider paying for blog promotion or ads as well.


Starting a blog can often be intimidating, but with the right format, ideas, and platform it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Keep your goals in mind and take the necessary steps to create an enjoyable and humorous blog that will engage and entertain readers. Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful humor blogger.

Blog Examples/Inspiration

1. Boop Oop A Doop: – Boop Oop A Doop is a funny, lighthearted blog that covers a range of topics from everyday life to interesting stories. With its unique brand of humor, this blog is sure to help give readers some great ideas for creating their own hilarious blog.

2. Amusingly Awesome: – Amusingly Awesome is a blog full of witticisms and clever jokes that will have readers laughing out loud. Readers should definitely use this blog for some serious comedic inspiration for their own whimsical blog.

3. Blork: – Blork is an online satirical publication offering readers an outlet for highly original and unapologetically funny articles. Readers can look to this blog for lots of ideas to craft their own humorous blog posts.

4. The Art of Internet: – This fun blog covers a variety of topics with a unique and creative comedic spin. Whether you’re looking for blog post ideas or just some pointers on how to make your blog funnier, you’ll definitely get inspired by this blog.

5. The Listicles: – The Listicles is a must-read humor blog that presents topics in a fun, sarcastic way. This blog will provide readers with great ideas and tips for making their own humorous blog posts that will have their readers wanting more.


This article outlines the steps needed to start a successful humor blog. It begins by advising readers to choose a format for their blog and ideas to be used as content. It then provides tips on choosing the right platform for their blog, designing it, and writing and sharing their content. Finally, the article offers advice on how to promote the blog and build an audience. 

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