Side Hustle Ideas You Can Start With Low Investments

Without realizing it until recently my entire adult life I’ve always had some type of side Hustle. 

Even if I had a full-time job there was always something I was doing on the side Maybe it was for fun such as a hobby or an opportunity that I wanted to pursue to turn into a full-time business. 

With either option, a side hustle as a hobby or business opportunity  it was something that I’ve always done because I knew one day that becoming a full-time entrepreneur was my goal in life.

Side hustle ideas include selling goods or services that you can do while maintaining your part-time or full-time job.

These include selling items online, creating digital information products such as ebooks or PDF downloads, Performing any type of services we’re manual labor may be involved,

When it comes to side hustles I will name a few that you can do in this article, however I’ll try to keep the list as simple as possible with what I believe to give you the most return investment on your time and money.

What Can You Do Right Now

I’m just going to list off a bunch of random stuff here to give you an idea and going further I’ll speak about the side hustles I have actual experience and give my two cents on if you should pursue them or not.

Keep in mind these are just ideas to give you and idea of what’s possible but doesn’t mean it’s something you need to do unless you find it to be something that you may enjoy trying. 

  1. Writing an e-book
  2. Teaching English online
  3. Coaching / Consulting
  4. Renting out property or vehicles
  5. Teaching something that you’re skilled at
  6. Manual labor such as home repair, mowing lawns etc.
  7. Baby or pet sitting 
  8. Event or party planner 
  9. Selling or Dropshipping products
  10. Freelancing your skill sets such as writing and video editing 

Writing an e-book

Writing an e-book could be a very lucrative business if you understand who your audience is and follow a good story arc or book writing formula.

I have personal experience writing multiple books and I can say by far this is one of my favorites even though it took a little time to write the Books however the outcome definitely paid off multiple times over compared to the time and energy put into creating my e-books.

 What things that I will do. And the reason why I listed writing an ebook first is because this is something where you can actually earn passive income so while the rest of the list will have items you could do based on your skill-set if you could find yourself to write a book It could take off and you’ll be making residual income as long as the book continues with its popularity..  

Teaching English online

I don’t have any experience with this but I do have a friend that left the states to travel overseas and this is what she does full-time. I think it’s a very cool that the fact that she can travel and use what she already knows which is the English language and help others with translation and teaching them English along the way.

Check out VIP Kid as an example of what you can do with teaching Englsih from the comfort of your own home as a side hustle.

Coaching / Consulting

Coaching and Consulting, now you’re speaking my language. This is something that I think everyone should have in their bag.

Now I want you to think of whatever it is you trying to learn think of how much easier and faster you’ll get there if you had a coach or mentor to help you,   

Depending on the value that you can provide coaching and Consulting can Can vary in price from just a few bucks all the way to hundreds of thousands of dollars for Consulting.

Yes you read that correctly hundreds of thousands of dollars for Consulting. No you have to think about who it is that you’re teaching or coaching that the value they get from learning this new skill set. If it’s something such as a hobby, well that can be low to moderate amounts of money.  

Or if it’s something where you are teaching someone to expand on their business or grow their business, then for something like that you could charge a lot more so this will vary in price but it’s something you should definitely add as a side hustle.

Renting out property or vehicles

Do you have an extra vehicle or an extra room perhaps. Well if so these are things you can look at right now with the tools you have right on your smartphone that can easily make you money daily.

I haven’t done this one since I don’t have extra property or another vehicle to rent out but think of Airbnb or apps like hyrecar that can make this process quick and smooth.

 This is a great way to earn money from something that you have that me not being used at a time so might as well earn some income as a side hustle without doing much work.

Teaching something that you’re skilled at

This is almost similar to coaching however with coaching you’re actually counting someone so that they have already you’re helping them with it while teaching something that your skill that could be from start to finish and that’s why I think this is something really good if you have a passion for something.

When you have passion for something chances are you know a lot about that particular subject and by knowing that it’s easily to go ahead and share that with someone else that may want to learn more about it.

I didn’t mention it in this particular article but if you see my other post here you’ll see that I’m a big Advocate on creating YouTube videos. With YouTube videos I believe that’s one of the best side hustles you can do and it’s also a great medium to teach someone something so if you wanted to teach something to somebody and you were scared or not really sure how to start charging them just create videos and teach it for free.

 I say teach it for free because you can actually earn income from ads on your YouTube videos so once you learn how to do that you create your videos you start teaching something online well at that point you should get a little better with your editing and your process which you can then turn around and create your own course or lessons that you can sell later as a package.

Manual labor such as home repair, mowing lawns etc.

Now this particular side hustle is not my thing I stick to a firm manual labor is much as I can and in fact if that’s something you don’t mind doing you’re the perfect candidate of someone I would hire. I have someone cut my grass even though I do it every once in awhile.

 Sometimes there’s things that need to be fixed around the house that yes I can do it but no I won’t I don’t want to spend my time doing it because I don’t enjoy that process.    If you’re a DIY person and you enjoy doing things with your hands such as home repair or gardening and those type of things we’re cutting the grass and fixing things doesn’t bother you then use that skill set and make money from it.

Now I see you might understand the home repair part but what I said mowing lawns that maybe like whatever but I tell you this to not sleep on mowing lawns. I Have a few acquaintances that I knew from high school which started cutting yards one at a time and both now have a booming businesses.

Perhaps you didn’t want to start your own lawn care business or not but think about it like this if you were to get say five or six clients that you charged anywhere from 30 to $40 a month to cut their grass,  then that begins to add up and also the fact is it’s residual which means you know exactly how much you get each month and you can eat any to scale and grow your business if that’s something you would like to do.

So from these two you see home repair yes you may charge a lot to fix something but usually it’s a one-off we’re doing lawn care or gardening work is something that can be done monthly and you’ll be able to have repeat business.

Baby or pet sitting 

Baby or pet sitting yes I’ve done both of these however I’ve never got paid doing it because it was either for a friend or a family member but babysitting and pet-sitting is a big business if it’s something you enjoy doing however I don’t want to babysit anyone other than family and I don’t want to mess around with pets because of my allergies

One thing that I can say that I really enjoy about these type of business is the low start-up cost there’s no storefront needed you can turn your love and passion of animals and babies into a full-time business and you can work as much as you like or as little as you like.

Event or party planner 

Okay for this you need to be a very detailed person because I tried my own event before and man let me tell you it is a lot of work. So this is definitely a great business to go into because I personally have spent lots of money for others to organize events that I’ve had in the past

This is another one where it’s not a whole lot to start up with but I say at least $1,500 to $2,000 to begin with so that way you can have nice business designs logo and just get your branding so that it looks really well.

Event planning or party planning could be as large as you like when you’re speaking about do you want to do private parties corporate parties unveilings there’s just so much you can do so whatever it is that your interest is did that’s what you should start off with.

 With this particular post I’m just giving you an overview but there’s a lot more stuff on this site that I love for you to check out because all the things that were talking about today you still need to dive down deeper into your Niche so I’ll bring it up right now since we’re talking about event party planning instead of being a one shop for all four events specialized in one particular niche

 if you’re good at doing bar mitzvahs then make sure that a lot of your branding and marketing is around that market.

And these can go it’s really large corporate business events where you can charge a boatload of money or do private parties where it’s for Mom and Pop’s looking for someone to do a themed party so this all depends on your personal preference and what you’re comfortable with.

 Either way event and party planning can be as large as you like or as little as you like.

Selling or Dropshipping products

Selling or dropshipping products is another great way to earn side money and it’s also something that I can speak of because I have done and  currently doing right now.

You may be skilled at something where you create handcraft or put something together that you want to sell online which can be done through handmade shops,  stores like Etsy, Amazon Handmade and even your own domain.

There are plenty of places where you can actually sell and Market your items but I do want to talk about this first when it comes to selling or dropshipping products there will be a time where you might need more money to begin with then these other businesses yes you could be a middleman and drop ship products while there’s a little cost or you could actually have a product where there’s a thousand or two thousand minimum order quantity and you need to have that on hand before you can sell the product.

 This may be a good and bad thing if you can’t move the product then you have a garage full of stuff that you can’t sell and that’s not good trust me I have a garage full of stuff that I’m still trying to move.

You picked the right products and have a good marketing plan in place this could definitely be something that puts you into the seven-figure mark quicker than any of the other products out there because it’s just a matter of creating the right ads having a right return on investment and constantly promoting your products and services through different add Platforms in social media.

Don’t get me wrong coaching Consulting and all those other ones could also make 7 figures but this seems to be the one that I see the most achieved when it comes to people trying to start side businesses and Entrepreneurship this particular method which is selling a drop-shipping has led to a lot more folks and my circle that I’ve seen make good money.

So just to give you an idea we talked earlier about coaching and Consulting well I want you to put this in perspective.

If I were to sell a course at $1,000 to a person that wants to start or grow their own business that is feasible And with proper advertising within a year time frame I should be able to sell at least a thousand clients this offer.

 A thousand clients at $1,000 each is $1000000. If you’re trying to sell a product  with dropshipping or selling online then you would need approximately 4 different items that’s cell around $30 and each cell around twenty-five a day.

Both of those are a million-dollar businesses and if you know the right strategy and Method it could be attainable and surpass many of the other side hustle gigs you see above..

Freelancing your skill sets such as writing and video editing

Last but not least freelancing. I left this one last because it’s something that I currently do as well while I have my other businesses running. I still freelance writing for other folks because it helps me build my audience and also puts me as an authority on other sites.

 There are many different things you could freelance your skills with however I find freelance writing to be my go-to thing even though I don’t like writing it just something I’m okay yet and know that people are looking for because they don’t like writing.

 Think of your skills if you’re good at graphic design or video editing these are also things that many people are  actively searching for and setting yourself up on sites such as fiverr or upwork is a great way to get started.

Whenever I need extra cash and if business was slow I’ll just do a few articles here in there. I’m very particular on where I choose the write because I have to know or at least be interested in the topic and also if the publisher allows me to use a pseudo name.

Final Thoughts

I’ve given you over 10 different ways that you can earn money as a side gig and a few of these I really want you to think about because you might be able to turn this side gig into a full-time opportunity.

Enjoy the journey with any of the side gigs and expect up front that it will take time for any of these to grow and if you put in the work with the right strategy and if you need coaching go out there and search for it because all these could become full-time businesses that you can scale and grow enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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