Side Gigs You Should Do

This is a weird post. I am doing this as an experiment and you can understand what I am doing by watching this video.

Here’s the unedited version of what I talked about that isn’t even finished but if you understand that creating content on the fly is so important because getting stuff out there is better than waiting for it to be perfect.

(Mind you this is an incomplete post that was made to be that way.)

Side hustle jobs

 gig economy so with the gig economy there’s going to be a few different things you can look at starting with doing driving delivering food those type of things now those are great to do when you actually have extra time or you need a little bit extra cash.

 I’ve actually done a few of these when I needed a few bucks say for instance I use Amazon flex and there might have been a gig for say $70 or $50 and I know that I could actually complete that within you know 7 hour time frame so I can do 1 4 3 hours next day do another one for 4 hours and that’s enough money right there to pay for a bill or whatever it is that I wanted to use that money for now that’s a quick way to earn cash that particular platform I think pays every Tuesdays and Thursdays.

 the next thing I want to talk about is delivering such as food so that’s similar to Amazon flex but with who you have Uber Eats doordash there’s a couple other ones you can do as well and again the same concept applies where you actually getting paid to create I need to pick up food items and then go ahead and you know deliver them so.

Blogging so the next thing I want to talk to you about is blogging and the reason why this is really important is because this is one of those things where I believe it’s a long-term game going to play where it could possibly take anywhere from a year to 2 years before you start getting your rewards for all the Articles and post that you create now the beauty about this is it will build over time.

 If you’re creating content that gets search for at least a thousand to two thousand times a month you build a back link or a backlog of articles on a website say you have 50 to 60 articles that all get around anywhere from 500 to 2000 views a month on each article well that can drive enough traffic to your site where you’re getting ads are getting paid for sponsorships or even if you have your own product or software or something whatever you whatever information product or whatever it is you want to sell on your own webpage you could do it that way so that’s another way of using a Blog and the beauty about that is the topics on a blog or so much different than on YouTube. 

So I want you to think about it like this when it comes to blogging when you’re creating a Blog you can actually talk about a lot of different topics on that blog as long as it’s within your Niche so for instance I’m talking about passive income side hustles making money so it wouldn’t be a bad thing if I made an article on what’s the best affiliate sites to find as a partner and make their full blog. 

So with a Blog you’re actually talking about anything that’s church-related on your topic however if you had a YouTube channel it’s a little different I mean obviously you still create content on your YouTube channel that talks about certain things that somewhere overlaps with your Niche but I want you to think about it like this so on my blog I actually wrote an article because it was just something I was working on I figured if I’m working on it I might as well just document it and give out instructions I’m sure if I’m looking for it somebody else might be looking for it it was about adding or changing font or what font are available for my Shopify store no as far as that goes I don’t think I can get a lot of traffic from it I mean I think it’s a really small so I don’t think there’s a lot of people looking for that or searching for that anywhere whether it’s on YouTube or on the Block so it’s kind of I thought of it is a waste of article but because the way that I was riding it I’m create content like this it wasn’t hard to do so with me doing that it made it really simple just the document I figured I’m doing it might as well document and just put it out there so that works on my blog site because you’re going to my blog you’re not expecting to read the next block next bus like in sequential order as if you were to go to YouTube like okay I want your channel this is what he talks about our this is what that tells about the next video is totally off subject well you don’t want that because that’s the you know you don’t to do this cutie 

The last part that word talk to you today about is creating content so as you can see right now if you’re watching this video this is creating content it’s bring somebody into your world it’s giving him some solution may be as entertaining them is on fixing something that are probably had or just answering your question that they needed so there’s a lot of different ways and create content whether it’s something visual like if you wanted create Instagram or a Pinterest or visual something you create and you want others to see how ever going back to the side hustle and gigs those sites I love them they could bring you track and do a lot of good stuff however I try to stay with the basics meaning like I try to stay with blocking I try to stay with Treyton YouTube and YouTube videos and if anything out of all those three or four the next one might be Pinterest as far as interest histogram and those other ones Tik-Tok those do really well for creating content however those aren’t really ever contents so for instance if it took me say 30 minutes or 40 minutes to do like a really good say Tik Tok video I need a production lines and I’m just doing different scenes like transitions or just make a really fancy one well that just gets seen is in and out but it was the same one on YouTube and and didn’t tutorial for like here is how to change the background color or something here is how to edit your Tik Tok videos 4 over and over and over again where versus just the other ones just a quick in entertainment value which disappears in the ethos you not going to see that any longer so…


I left the rough draft as is on purpose. Watch the video so you can see how I started this process.

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