Side Gigs Perfect For A Teacher’s Skillset

Having family members that are teachers makes me think of the other opportunities they have and not just teaching.

In my line of work I always talked about ways to earn extra money and seeing that someone that’s already teaching someone as a teacher knowing they have the structure in the fundamentals of taking their knowledge and pass it on to somebody else makes me wonder why aren’t all teachers doing stuff on the side if they knew they could.

Perfect side gigs for teachers include tutoring, selling activity and worksheets, teaching online, blogging, writing and even creating content for YouTube to earn passive income.

Here’s the thing when it comes to using your skill set to earn extra money so the first thing I’m going to talk to you about is you’re already a teacher so you understand how to teach someone so doing something on the side such as tutoring shouldn’t be too difficult.


 If you’re just getting your feet wet I say start off with create your own website oh, and just follow along with me because you’re going to see we’re going to do a lot more with this website later. After you have your website created you want to start adding features such as a way to contact you maybe adding a calendar and offering services locally to do tutoring and if you’d like and have the means to do online teaching on platforms such as Zoom.

My office is virtual and usually it’s at a coffee shop if I decide to leave the house. There have been  times that I visited a Panera Bread or Starbucks and saw teachers tutoring students after hours and on the weekends which I thought was sweetly awesome and wish I could help them learn how to replicate and scale what they’re doing instead of teaching one student at a time.

 This is what brings me to the next section where we talked about worksheets and activity books.

Selling Worksheets

This one’s going to be a little bit different and it also depends on the great that you teach and what ideas you can think of. I am not a teacher for the academics so this is a little bit out of my realm however I’ve done my research and seen the stuff out there so let’s take for example your teacher and you work with grades K through 6 then creating activities and workbooks with simple coloring puzzles and things like that it’s very easy to create or have someone design for you and when she could sell.

Of these two I believe tutoring is the easier method of beginning however I should just getting your feet wet with creating an activity book or some type of digital download.

 The next two topics were going to talk about ties into this so I’m going to give you a overview now so you could understand why it’s important if possible you can create some type of digital download Workhorse our curriculum.

 When your tutoring you’re working on a per hour per student or group teaching which is great however you’re exchanging your time for dollars.

 When you’re able to understand that treating something digital such as an activity book or worksheet that can be sold 24/7 and very scalable then you’ll see why this is probably the best option to start with.

 Think about that you can actually create an activity book put it online and then start advertising to it and make sales while you’re sleeping

Teaching Online

This is close to the realm of tutoring however  there are a few modifications I would use when planning to teach via this method. If you’re deciding to teach online that I’d recommend doing it in a group function where you can get the multiple people to come on at one time so that way instead of you doing a one-on-one tutoring you could actually teach a group of students at one time.

 Creating a group atmosphere is similar to what you have in the classroom but instead of you being at the classroom you’re doing it online via Zoom or whatever and this is something you can control.

 so the transition to something passive you may want to offer a membership or you say for like whatever cost you want to charge you get 3 months of group coaching we meet up every Friday or the last Friday whatever time frame that works for you and then you can just do a life coaching I’m students can come on if they want or if they don’t you still get paid passively for that so that’s where we’re switching over to the next 2 things we going to talk about your going to see why I mentioned doing passive income activities is going too far better suit you monetarily than just  tutoring with one-on-one students


Blogging is possibly one of my favorite things to do because you can control how much you want to work how often and scale it as large as you see suitable. If you’re a teacher I’d recommend going back to the time at the very beginning thinking of what a student or parent needs and if you could answer that in a Blog you could easily drive traffic to your website. 

Earlier I mentioned about teaching online  and if you had a website that had some type of calendar or way to contact you that would be great and make it easier to start your business. if you decide to blog now you can double dip into that feature.

 I say create a few blogs on topics that you’re very familiar with that could possibly teach and make it something where you know that students or teachers or parents are searching for.

 You really need to step out if your own thought process because you got to remember what it was like when you first started teaching what did the student the first they want what did the parent start searching for the first day these are the type of things you can write about which can drive tons of traffic to your website and then that’s the case you can  then work with  add Networks end place add throughout your website and also seek out sponsorship to earn extra cash.

Essentially you’re creating a Blog that gets traffic to your website  and from there you can earn money from the viewers that see the ads that show up on your blog.

While your blog is delivering the value to your audience from the search result,  you can then give the reader options of any worksheets, activity books, or even your tutoring that you have for offer.

So while you’re earning income through the ads that are placed on your site you could also earn tons of passive income through selling your own goods and services on your blog as well.


Similar to blogging, YouTube is another favorite of mine. You can earn lots of passive income through ads shown during your videos and also seek sponsorships as wel to bump those numbers even higher.

If you’re a teacher and there’s something you do where showing them makes it a lot easier than writing about it then YouTube deathly would be the option to do. For instance if your math teacher and get the show them up and equation it’s kind of easier just to use like a calculator or something online we can draw and they can see how you came up with those numbers and see what you’ve done.

 One of the main reasons why I think YouTube is possibly the best return-on-investment with time is that if your teacher and you want to teach something you could do it through YouTube and it can be shown over for many years to come similar to that as a Blog however each video a person gets to know more about you personally they get to see you on camera see how authentic you are and it builds a more of a trust Factor when someone sees you versus reading the written words from an article.

One last thing I like to do with about YouTube videos  is that every video could cuz that’s an offer inside the description portion of your YouTube channel. So while you may not necessarily try to pitch and sell anything inside your video If you mention to check out the link in the description below you can then offer any type of lead generation any type of store links or whatever you have to offer and that way you’re delivering pure content on the video and then they can find out more about you in the description below.

Final Thoughts

 as a teacher you have plenty of options to choose from when deciding what type of side gigs you could do however stay focus on the three that I mentioned which is online teaching (in groups) , Selling worksheet and activity books, creating a Blog and offering your digital download and online teaching on that website as well.

And lastly starting a YouTube channel which can help promote your products and services while earning income from any ads that are being shown on your Channel..

I’ve given you a few different modalities because not everybody wants to start a YouTube channel and not everybody likes to right so choose which one you’re most most comfortable with and then eventually I’d like to see you do all of them where you’re creating your own blog articles you’re creating a YouTube video and then if possible have your own podcast as well.

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