How Much Passive Income Is Enough To Live Off

I don’t want to confuse you with thinking that just because you’re looking to get passive income to live off of doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be something very low and just enough to scrape to get by. If done correctly you can earn as much passive income as you like depending on how much work you put in.

For someone such as myself, I have very minimal needs and am free and clear of debt.  

According to the national median family income for the United States for FY 2021 is $79,900.

One can live off a passive income between $2,000 and $3,000 once their housing and transportation needs are met.

Passive Income Expenses

We all have different types of expenses, some may be higher than others but for the most part there are just a few common things that we all need and that’s food and shelter.  For the most part many of us can get away with public transportation should we choose to.

I know that for some of you living on a budget could be difficult depending on your lifestyle  And you’d like to have as much passive income coming in as possible.

 With that said let’s think about this; you have no bills, no credit cards, And you have enough to take care Of bills such as electric, phone,  internet, and any insurance or medical monthly payments.

What does that leave you with?  This could be money for entertainment, for investing, for donating or even just to save for a rainy day.

I remember working with a coach and we talked about money and specifically it had to do with creating passive income f and how much we need to take care of our initial bills.

 For me personally it was $2,600. no keep in mind this is after  mortgage has been paid for, Vehicles all paid for, and all I have left is just electric cell phone internet food and miscellaneous.

 Well my electric phone internet is not $2,600 and I don’t spend $1,000 on food a month so I could technically live a lot less than that but I do have expensive some vacations some toys that I would have I and also I have children so I need a little extra money.

 But being Frugal this is more than enough to live of fun and healthy life where I can work on my own time create passive income and enjoy my friends and family without warning to clock in Yang hours for dollars.

So how do we do this

This is a pretty good question. so being that you found this article I’m going to explain to you what works for me and open your mind to some of these ideas on ways that I think is a great way to start earning passive income.

 While there are many other ways these are just my opinion and it’s what I teach and is very reputable meaning it’s something easy for anyone to do as long as they put in the work.

 Create an online business is by far the easiest way to create passive income  In my eyes. Being able to create your own brand, a community, and provide a service and or products to your audience that could be repetitive each month can reap tons of benefits monetarily wise and make your workload less than that of working anormal nine-to-five.

I’m going to list three different ways here in which you can earn passive income without wearing of high upfront costs such as stocks dividends rental property in those types of potential ways of earning money.

The way I would like to share with you is through creating content. When I say content I’m saying creating something that’s valuable to an audience because if you can create an audience for your material whether that be a podcast, blog, or YouTube video  then you can begin creating your own wealth.


Let’s do a quick overview of blogging and I’ll illustrate to you why I believe this is probably your best place to start with first.

 When you go online end search for something if it’s not done on YouTube chances are you’re going through Google or some other search engine. What is the next thing that happens when you type in the search?

 you guessed it it takes you to the next search result on Google or whatever platform you’re choosing and gives you the results you were looking for. now imagine if that website was yours that you own that particular asset. So every time that someone searches for that specific keyword or search raise your blog or article which show up in that position.

 Well just like I mentioned before an audience is something that could be used for monetary gain. If you have enough visitors to your site you can simply just  sign up with an affiliate or Ad Network and place ads on to your website.

So without you even having to own your own product or Services you could just create an article that gets enough traffic that generates eyeballs AKA viewers to your blog and which you can get paid by the ad Networks for displaying their content on your webpage..

Now granted a blog or web page may take a lot longer to build an audience than your typical YouTube channel or market place where you put up a shop online and pay for ads to drive traffic. However, you’ll be driving organic traffic that can be repetitive and comes over each and every month without you ever having to spend money for and yet you’ll get rewarded for every viewer that goes to your website.

 Over a course of say 12 months to 18 months if you can continue to write articles every week as many as you can that are very detailed and valuable to your audience than the more it would rank and show up on the search engines.

 Doing this will then attract viewers to your site and wish you’ll get paid for in return.

 So this may be one of the easiest ways but yet it takes  patience and understanding of the best ways to write articles that’s suitable for your audience.

 The reason why this is one of my favorite ways of making passive income is because if you choose the right articles which could be Evergreen topics. then this one blog post itself can be a generator of traffic for your site for many years to come.

The pros about blogging is its ease of starting and cost but the Khan is that it takes a long time for you to create content but once that Foundation is done and you have at least 30-40 well written articles on your website then you will begin to see traffic coming in which will more than likely hit your monthly income goals.


Podcasting is a different animal but I do like it I didn’t have too much experience with it as far as making money but I do have friends that actually do it and they earn quite a lot from it.

One of my friends actually has a website that he uses the podcast where he makes his money from sponsorships and that can add up to quite a lot if you think about each podcast there’s usually three spots for an ad.   so each time this person makes a podcast they can get paid  3 times from just one  episode.

Podcasting seems pretty easy if you’re comfortable with speaking which I am as you could tell this particular article is being written  by speech-to-text.

 I see podcasting being more fun for me in particular since I don’t like to write that often even though it’s a daily habit for me to work on my blog.    Podcasting is a great way to immerse yourself deeper with your audience and earn passive income through any products or Services you mentioned whether it be your own or through a sponsorship.

Think about a podcast as something you create whether it be 30 minutes to an hour long and the more you do and the more listeners that downloads your podcast the more you get paid from it.   

Tthis is pretty awesome because for me to sit down and chat with some of my friends to do an interview style or even talk about a certain particular topic is easy for me to do and not worrying about video set up lighting or anything like that you can pretty much podcast from your phone and just upload directly from there and that could be a whole business all by itself.

 the pros about podcasting is that it’s another simple way to get in and in fact I think it’s easier to start than a Blog because you’re just talking with a smartphone or whatever recording device you want to use and uploading it to sites such as anchor or uploading it it editing and then doing what you need to do to submit it to your podcasting platforms.

 The cons is it’s another Avenue where your content has to be really strong because most podcast aren’t really searchable as like a block would be. when a person goes to the internet and types in a certain search phrase that’s how your blog will show up however with a podcast you’re not necessarily typing in a search Fraser anything like that where they’re looking for on a podcast. 

With the podcast it’s mostly due to the topic you’re talkin about and sometimes it could be the person you’re speaking to as a title or something cut someone’s looking for but for the most part it’s create an audience through lots of content creating and getting the weariness of the material you speak about.

 this to can take a little bit longer to grow an audience however with   all the methods I’m speaking of today you could always spend extra money to advertise and make awareness for your Blog, Podcast or YouTube video.


Now this is something that’s dear to my heart, I really do enjoy making videos and especially live streaming. The reason why I enjoy live streaming is because for my personality and work style I don’t like editing and I’m not sure how many of you like to do that as well.

 don’t get me wrong I know there’s some people that enjoy the process and creativeness of creating and editing video for me I just like turning on the camera live streaming talk to you about a subject and then editing it out later for bits and pieces to use for additional content elsewhere.

 so what I like about YouTube video it’s similar to blogging where I can create searchable content that people are looking for they can see me on the internet it built a really good trust Factor when a person can see your face listen to you see how you talk how your mannerisms are and so much more that goes inside of a video. This makes it easier  when promoting any type of sponsorships or your own products and services since the audience knows likes and trusts you.

 If you haven’t done so take a look at my YouTube Channel / change the long and you’ll see how I do my live stream and watch how I’ll just do a livestream talk about a specific topic during that live stream and then later edit that out to make it a video so I’m actually knocking out two birds with one stone.

So I get to bring in the audience as a community Builder by live streaming chatting and talking to my viewers and during that time I can also make contents which if somebody wasn’t able to catch the livestream and still do a search for and find that on you two’s platform through the algorithm.

 And when I say there’s money to be made with these platforms,  there is money to be made. and the best part of it is these three in particular can create passive income for you for years to come and  what I like  most about these three methods of creating content is the fact that once you create this content it will be out there and people can continue to search for your content for a long time.

You’re stockpiling your content every time you make new stuff.   this compounding can make a huge impact On your ad Revenue and any products and services you are promoting.

 Sum it all up.

If you were to create a blog, a podcast, or a YouTube video, then every time you create valuable content and put it out for the world to see there are few things that can happen. The first thing is you’ll be able to drive traffic to your website or any location you choose based on your call to action and then if you want to sell your own products think of every content you have out there as a sales person that’s promoting your goods and services.

The more articles oh, the more podcast, the more videos you have means each one of those is an opportunity to either wrote someone’s product on your asset where you can get paid for that or should you decide to generate your own and come through your own products by promoting that with each and every one of your content pieces.

These types of assets produce passive income and the mark of $2000-$4000 a month is something you can archive if you plan your content strategy and business model out correctly.

In fact, if you did all three of these, which I think you should then you could easily hit those numbers within 12-18 months and continue to have passive income for a while trickling in. (Create a Live Video, then turn that into a podcast, and then write an article on the same topic and embed your video on the blog.)

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