How Do I Advertise My Business Online

You may have landed here wanting to know how to advertise your business but that’s not what this article is really about. But WAIT… I know it can help you once you understand the mechanics of how someone else does.

Pay attention to my process and see if this is something that resonates with you. If so then give this method a shot.

There are multiple ways of advertising but the way I choose to do mine is based on what has worked for me and also the style and way I go about it makes me feel right.

The reason you should read this article is so that you can have a better understanding of how I use Direct Response Marketing with my content.

I use paid ads at times when I’m testing but for the most part I designed my business model so that each piece of content I put out into the world is what brings people into my space and from there they can make a sound decision, when they are READY to work with me or not.

They key part to the last sentence was READY. Taking lessons from some of the best internet marketing mentors in the world has taught me a few things.

I learned that if you can continue to bring value to your audience then at some point when they are ready to make a purchase they may chose you over the competition.

Advertising Flow

I use the likes of creating content that someone is searching for to either entertain them or provide some sort of solution.

A steady stream of content and then letting the prospect know that I have something which could be of use to them and in order to get it I ask for an exchange.

The exchange it to get their email address. This is the lifeline of my business and should be yours too.

Building a list allows me to let them know of any new content I publish and to also let them know of any products and services I may have which could be of interest.

If they want to know more about my said offer then I would send my prospects over onto a new list which is meant to go deeper into my offer to help them make a decision on if my products and/or services if a fit.

Break Down Of My Process

This is a quick break down of how my advertising goes and it’s all done free.

  • create content with an intent to teach something
  • Push publish to get it out into the world
  • Make some type of lead generation offer to get them on my email list
  • Send out emails each time my new content goes out and inside email I also mention some of my services
  • Continue to do this with each email and when they are READY and respond to my email’s call to action by clicking on a link to something or replying that’s when I can start the selling process
  • If they do not buy that is okay, they still stay on my list and I continue to send them updates on my new content and bring them value each step of the way

Email Automation

While this post isn’t about email automation I wanted to touch on it for a moment because it is also a part of my advertising strategy.

I create lead generating offers to get someone’s email and then deliver what ever product or asset it is that I promised them.

Next, I sent them a thank you email for getting my “what ever I offered at the time” asset and let them know if they didn’t get it the first time that here’s a link just in case.

I then send a second email the next day to give them a little info about who I am and what it is that I do and them inform them in the next day or two to keep an eye out for a surprise email with a gift.

That last email is the third one in my email automation sequence and it’s where I make them a special offer to one of my products and services and also give them a special gift or something that complements the first email they got.

This process usually results in sales and if they person doesn’t buy that is okay. Now they are on my broadcast email list and will get my emails for the new content that comes out and just like previous I tend to have some sort of offer for them if they are interested.

Final Thoughts

So as you can see, my process is a little different and I didn’t go all into the nooks and crannies about using any specific platform and buying ads. I used my content to build a rapport and then made offers and when my prospects are ready to buy I am usually top of mind which ends up with great results for both of us.

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