High Paying Side Gigs: Flexible and Easy To Start

The term “pays well” is subjective and what may seem like a lot to you may not be for someone else and vice versa.  With knowing that upfront I am going to go over a few sige gigs that no matter where you live or what situation you may be in may be considered good money for the work involved.

Some high paying side gigs may include selling or renting property, fitness training, coaching/ consulting, freelance work, e-commerce/drop shipping, tutoring, teaching, reselling items. 

The key word in the title is flexible and easy to start, this does not necessarily mean that the method we will be going over will be free or cheap.   I am going to go into some of these a little more to give you an idea of what you can do if the money and timing is right for you.

Selling Or Renting Property

Selling or renting property is considered a side gig unless you have tons of property where the that is your full-time position. You can make quite a lot of money renting out property and also it’s a great way to build a nest egg and diversify your income.

Because you’re looking for ideas this is the number one I put it on the list doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best or if it’s even right for you however we have some other stuff coming up that may be of interest and something you could possibly start right away if you have the means to.

Fitness training

Do you enjoy Fitness do you enjoy training could you be a personal trainer this is something as a side gig you could do pick up a few clients over the weekend and earn a nice little side gig from wish to possibly turn into a business if you choose to go full-time with this route.

With the fitness gig model there can be a lot of competition however depending on your angle or what it is that you’re trying to promote then it it may be possible Start rather quickly and with little to no investment.

I’ve had friends that started boot camps over the weekends with just a few personal one-on-one training and then ended with more clients and went to group coaching.

So personal training is definitely something you can do, it’s flexible easy to start and if you’re in the health and fitness space then this would be a perfect get side gig for you to do.

Coaching / Consulting

Next up we have coaching and this can go into all different areas.

Do you have any skills where you can speak about life coaching, career coaching, business coaching, wellness coaching, executive coaching, leadership coaching, time management coaching, financial coaching, and so many to name.  Do any of these fit into your skillset?

I’ve personally done coaching and consulting and it is very lucrative.  Depending on what Niche you could fall into you can actually charge quite a lump sum as you giving value and your customers are seeing the results you promised.

Consulting and Coaching are dynamic gigs in that they allow people to share their experience and knowledge with others to better their lives and business practices.

Freelance work

This is something else that I’ve done in the past and works really well.  Came in handy anytime I needed to earn a little bit extra cash. 

I would do some type of freelance work that was inline with my skills.

Here are some tasks that you could do as a freelancer worker to get your brainstorming for what might work for you.

  • Developer (coder) 
  • Web designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • writer or copywriter
  • marketing professional
  • social media manager
  • Videographer
  • Voice Over
  • PR or branding

The list can go on for freelance work take a look at sites such as upwork or fiverr and you can see even more ways that people are doing freelance work for side gigs 


I’m going to tie Ecommerce and dropshipping into this section here.  In particular I want to talk about setting up your own web page by using services such as WordPress or Shopify and you can sell your own merchandise through that.

Depending on how you plan on using your inventory or producing such products this could be a manual thing or if you decided to go into the Drop Shipping route you could become the middleman buy selling the item on your site and then purchase it from your dropshipper and have them send it directly to your customer.

Final Thoughts

We’ve gone through quite a few options already and I want you to understand this, even though these are flexible and easy to start side gigs I want you to also know that if you choose anything that we mentioned here that you don’t think of it as just a side hustle.  You can turn into a full-fledged business. 

With the proper planning and mind set you’ll be able to figure out what works best for you and slowly build upon it until you’re satisfied and decide to go full-time if that’s your goal.

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