Getting New Customers Through Content Marketing

If you’re thinking about getting new customers I’m not really sure what’s the best way to drive traffic besides paying for ads then this article on content marketing is going to help you so much that you may never spend another dime on Advertising again.

Getting new customers by use of content marketing strongly revolves around a customer’s search intent before making a purchase.  Content created for the purpose of getting new customers should revolve around answering any of the potential buyers questions ahead of time so they can made a solid decision on what it is they will be purchasing.

There are a few strategies that I wanted to speak of in today’s article and they have to deal with creating a certain type of content that’s purposeful and meaningful to your potential client.   If you want to know the secrets to getting free traffic for years to come then pay attention to what we’re going to say next.

Answering Their Questions

Before you write your first piece of content you must think about what is the purpose and goal of this piece in order to attract a new client or buyer into your ecosystem.

If you’re creating content just for the sole purpose of showing your knowledge that’s one thing but if you’re trying to get buyers then you need to solve an issue for them and that’s through the correct content marketing which gives the value and clarity and that will then allow them to make a valid decision on what to buy from next.

I’m going to lead you into an example here that should give you more clarity on how to use this technique.

 Let’s say for instance your product A coffee maker.

 This is just going to be a random example of what you understand why I’m creating the content that I am and then you can see how you can reverse-engineer this and do it for your own business.

 My potential client may be asking themselves if there is a coffee maker with a timer? 

So my content peace could be, want your coffee ready automatically when you wake up. 

 from there I can make it either an article that shows you a demonstration or a video that shows you demonstration as well but either way the objective of my content peace is to show someone that this coffee maker product of mine can make coffee at a specific time by use of an automatic timer and that there is just a question of my potential buyer.

 this is much different than just creating an ad with all the features and bells and whistles of your product. Because I know specifically that someone may be searching for timers for a coffee machine, my article, blog post or video can be specifically around that question with an example to show them how I can solve that problem.

 This is the kind of content you want to create in order to generate traffic from buyers to your website or advertisement. 

Pains and Gains

The second type of content we’re going to speak about today is something I learned from my mentor years ago Ed. he taught me how to create for what’s called pains and gains. A pain would be riding content to solve somebody’s problem that they have and you want to be able to fix that for them with whatever content piece you create.

 Similar to the issue we talked about before where the pain was they didn’t want to make the coffee themselves because they may be late but instead if they can find a coffee maker with the automatic timer that could solve this issue. That is a pain they have, the pain is they want to not make the coffee but have it done automatically at a specific time.

Now the other Spectrum just talk about the gains, a gain to be something that makes a person feel better so for instance 

let’s say we’re speaking about taking photos and using natural light. a game could be teaching someone the golden hour or the best way to set the ISO or apertures on a camera in order to get the best photo  at specific times of the day. 

That gain is teaching them something and now they can show off their skills and ability. 

You may be saying but what about products, how do I show a pain or gain with a product?

 Well, easy in this example let’s say your product is a curling iron. Well if your client wants to have a specific look and don’t have the right tools, well your special curling iron can be formatted and content that specifically hits on that person’s emotions and shows them that they can look beautiful or whatever and get that curly hair that they want. That’s a game.

Future Reference

The last part of the content marketing Example that I wanted to speak about has to do with future referencing.

Going back to the first example about the coffee maker and using words like imagine can help put someone in a future reference.

A content piece I would write with say something to the point of Imagine waking up with the hot fresh cup of coffee as soon as you walk into the kitchen.

Obviously you are going to play this around to your product’s purpose and abilities but the concept is just too future reference them by saying imagine or how would you feel if x did X.

 Imagine going to a party in your hair looking like  you were fresh out of the salon but yet this was something you did at home by yourself with a $25 curling Iron.

Final Thoughts

As you can see I really do like talking about marketing, especially content marketing where you’re answering someone’s question helping them get pain fixed or gain achieved and also letting them know the future reference of what your product or service can do for them ahead of times.

 So I will give you the example of what I’ve done it this article which is I hope to have solved your question on how to get new customers with content marketing, the pain you had was your weren’t really sure how to do it and I’ve given you the steps, the game you’ll have will now be getting new customers oh, and can you imagine what your life will be like when your business is getting tons and tons of new customers daily.

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