Earn Passive Income: Starting From Zero

Psst.. Hey I have a secret.

You want to make passive income but you have little to no money. starting off.

Here’s a secret. I’d say if you didn’t have that much money to begin with then you need to make up for it with your time and its easier than you think.

There are ways you can use money to leverage by purchasing of assets and Investments in order to create your passive income however if you don’t have those means the next best thing is to use your own skill set and time.

You can create passive income in numerous ways. Here are just a few. Selling your own products and courses, selling digital artwork, writing information products and ebooks, promoting affiliate products.

You’ve made it to this article in hopes to find ways of making passive income with no money, well you’re in luck because I’ve personally made passive income for many years and it’s much simpler than what people make it out to be.

I’ve learned how to build evergreen assets online so that the content I create can continue to build on itself year after year and I’m going to show you exactly what I’ve done and how you can replicate that.

There are four strategies I will go over and if you follow the advice I give you and continue to learn and tweak as you go then you will figure out what works best for you and how to turn that knowledge into passive income.

What is passive income?

Passive income is money you earn with little to no effort is known after initial setup.

There are two types of passive income that I want you be familiar with before we go any further. Those two ways I and referring to are buying and creating passive income.

  1. Buying: Where you would use capital for investments like stocks bonds, rental properties, etc.
  2. Creating: This is where I started and it’s where you should too and it’s creating online content that builds an asset for you that will help you generate website traffic, leads, and authority.

Passive income doesn’t happen on its own; and since you wanted to know what you could do with little or no money then the investment you need to start with won’t be money but it will be plenty of your time and that’s with creating content.

Just like building a home, the foundation is very important and the same goes for what I am going to show you.

The Three Strategies of Passive Income

As I mentioned previously there are many different ways of earning passive income however this is what I do personally and feel confident in showing you step-by-step what I’ve done so that you can replicate my success.

  1. Blogging: The first strategy is starting a blog and you are seeing it firsthand by reading this article here.
  2. YouTube: The second strategy is creating a YouTube channel that is in line with your blog.
  3. Info Products / Courses:  This last strategy is where you would be able to cell and for products and courses.  The info products and courses don’t necessarily have to be ones that you create however if you learn this skill you’ll be able to make more money per order then as an affiliate promoting someone else’s products..


Blogging is by far the method I recommend the most for anyone wanted to earn money whether if it’s passively or with a constant running campaign.

The draw back is the time it takes before you will be able to see any income. The income I am speaking of will come from Ads placed on your site, not from products you sell on your own.

There are exceptions, but it all depends on the niche, your content and how much time and effort you are willing to put into it.

Did I mention it takes a long time before you start seeing any passive income coming in?

From the circle I am in and the feedback I’ve seen, many bloggers didn’t even make their first dollar in 6-8 months and that’s with around 40 articles written.

It can take about year before you see any traffic coming into your site and even then don’t expect that you’ll be raking it the dough. At 12 months you can expect to make anywhere from $0 to $300 per month in those first 12 months.

A quality written article takes about 8 months before Google starts to really promote it.

The quicker you can write your content and in bundles, then the faster the traffic can all arrive to you site around the same time.

Meaning if you wrote 10 articles in month 1 and 2, and another 10 articles in month 4-5 and another 10 articles in months 6-7, well that means your site wont get all of the traffic from your 30 articles until around 8 months after the last set was written.

That means if it took you 8 months to write 30 articles you would need to wait roughly another 8 months before all of the article traffic can be seen by Google. That’s 16 months.

Now can you see why some people don’t blog. They don’t see fruits from their labor quick enough and just give up. If they only knew and expected to wait 18-24 month for their blog to be fully vetted by Google then maybe they would have stuck with it.

How Will I Get Paid From My Blog

You can sign up as an affiliate immediately and earn commission from any products you recommend from you site.

I fee however the easiest way to monetize your blog once you are getting a good amount of page views a month is to use an ad network and just drive traffic to your page with good content and earn your passive income from the ad revenue.

You can also sell your own products and services and I will talk about that in the last strategy but know that this is where the big money comes in.

Starting a YouTube Channel

The next option I want to get into for passive income if with creating a YouTube channel. I highly recommend this route and if possible make this YouTube channel the same topic as your blog.    

By making your channel on the same topic you can also embed those videos on articles you have written on your blog channel.

I believe hands down that YouTube can give you the best sales opportunity for your blog and your business.

Being able to create content where your audience can know, like and trust you makes a big difference when they’re willing to buy something that you have to offer. 

With a YouTube channel I think of each video as its own personal sales Channel.    think of it like this for every video you make inside the video you could tell your audience for more information click on the link in the description. that description you create can have more details to your  product or services or to even help build an email list.

 where you will differ is many YouTubers use a description for their affiliate links and  tell their viewers where to buy whatever product that they’ve mentioned. Usually that would be a link to Amazon.

 so now that you have this understanding I want you to think about it like this if you had 100 videos out there that are each generating views and traffic you’re going to make money from the ads that are being shown on your video and also if you promote something in your description link that can drive traffic to your blog or to an affiliate link that you’re offering this becomes passive.

The hard work is creating the initial batch of videos but once the videos are done and if you choose topics or make videos that could be evergreen then they will consistently get searched for and recommended by YouTube which will give you more views each day and that can generate a whole lot of leads and potential sales for you.

There is no universal model for what works and what doesn’t work on YouTube.  Just like your blogs you will have to keep creating content and learn and adjust as you go.   YouTube however will generate traffic much quicker than a blog.

I say don’t start your channel until you have at least 40 articles already written.   This way you can put all your efforts into this platform.

Creating Info Products

All right so this is the last part of the three steps that I recommend for passive income. 

I’m going to give you a quick overview here because you shouldn’t get to this point until you have at least 30 to 40 articles written on your blog and also have close to the same amount of videos on your YouTube channel.

Once you’ve created your blogs and your videos now it’s time to create something by asking your audience what it is that they want. And I want you to read that again, create something by asking your audience what it is that they want.

You may want to just automatically start creating some type of digital download course products pictures or whatever but I’m telling you right now from experience do not treat it unless you know that this is something that your audience wants.

 You’ve done the hard work by creating your blogs and you should have some people following you now same goes with your YouTube channel you should have an audience there as well and this is the part we can say hey I’m thinking about creating a new whatever what is your opinions about that and what else would you like to see.

 They are going to tell you what they want and then from this point with your experience and knowledge you just create it and begin to sell it.

You can now go to your blog create a link somewhere that promotes this offer or product whatever it is that you have to sale.

You could do the same thing now with your YouTube videos so in each of your videos you can say hey if you’re interested in X I have more information and the description click the link below and you’re telling your audience what to do and because they’ve been watching you followed you subscribe to your Channel or whatever now they have more confidence and getting what it is that you have to offer.

 I’m not going to go to what exactly the types of products or courses you can create because again it just depends on your topic that you choose however I just want you to understand the concept as this is just an overview of the three concepts of passive income.

Final Thoughts

I’ve given you the simplest and easiest try to do that I know on how to create passive income with little to no money to getting started.

 While there might be tons of other products and courses out there to learn different strategies such as Instagram Pinterest and all those other social medias I’m telling you right now to start with the basics because once you understand how to create your blog and how to create your YouTube channel and videos it will make creating those other contents so much easier.

I also want to note that with a Blog and YouTube you’re creating content that is search based meaning it’s going to be something that’s ever green that your audience is actively searching for and will constantly drive traffic for years to come.

With this strategy I want you to think 18 to 24 months as your time frame.   During this period you should have approximately 50 to 60 articles on your blog and maybe 40 to 50 YouTube videos.   

Once you build this Foundation it could just be a matter of a few hours a week to add new articles or create new videos but that’s it the rest will just be passive income from all the hard work you’ve done and that two-year time frame.

This isn’t a get rich scheme, it’s something that’s going to be passive and you can earn a really good living from this for many years to come and I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to start an online business.

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