To help you cut through all the noise out there when it comes to choosing the best courses, let me take a step back and explain what courses in my opinion will reap you compounding rewards for years to come.



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I’ve spent 100’s of hours and thousands of dollars researching and consuming some highly recommended blogging courses from my own personal inner circle and and can say without a doubt you only need a few courses to get started. The few I recommend will give you more than enough tips and strategies to creating your own content creating empire.

How To Start a Blog

This is my go to source for blogging information. They are constantly up to date with what’s happening in the blogging world and what I enjoy most is they also have a Youtube course that’s part of their curriculum.

Having the knowledge on how to structure a blog and how to properly do search analysis to find topics to write about is golden and they are probably the best in the business when it comes to that.

How To Start a BlogLINK

While there are so many more that I’ve taken over the years and can recommend, this is more than enough to get you started. Learn the foundation, then figure out how to create the content.

While what I am going to say next isn’t about courses it still has to do with learning. If you carve out some time each day to listen to a new podcast, audiobook, something that can be consumed while you are performing another activity, you should.

What I am referring to when I say activity is like if you’re exercising, driving, cutting the grass, cooking, or anything where popping in some ear buds and ramping up the playback speed is doable. Use your time wisely and limit your TV or music to a minimum until you have your foundation and content schedule mapped out and flowing.

Speaking of audiobooks, here’s a link to audible, use that to get your free trial and pick up any of Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. books. It will teach you things far more advance than many of the blogs and YouTube videos you may subscribe to.