The Content Creation First book is now available on Amazon.

Over the past few years I have honed in on how much content creators and myself included need to focus more on creating minimum viable content first before going all in and fine tuning. There will always be time for version 2 and my goal is for you to get the first version out as soon as possible.

Content creation is a numbers game and when your analytics has shown you what is working then that’s the time to double down on that type of content and do any revisions you see fit.

This will allow us to create a catalog of content much faster and have the luxury of leveraging our evergreen content which will compound to grow our audience and business.

Which brings me to the next topic at hand and that is in the way we work and socialize. This part of our daily lives has changed so much since the pandemic and more people are working from home than before and the way society as a whole is consuming content has moved over to smart devices. With this change in behavior so is the way content is being sought after.

No longer do you need to wait until a certain day and time to watch your favorite shows or whatever, now it’s video on demand and the same for goes searching for content on the web.

This is a major factor to take into consideration and if you’re someone that can relate to those working from home or the way you are consuming content from smart devices then this book can change your life.

Understanding these concepts and strategies will be put you years ahead of the process if you were to do it on your own. You’ll be able to create content in a way that will always be top of mind for your audience and allow you to be the authority in your field.

For the small price of this book you will gain priceless knowledge from someone that has achieved this success and you can do the same.

Imagine being the go to person in your niche. What would that do for you and your business? If you implement the Content First Method™ you can achieve these results and what you do with it is up to you. The sky is the limit.

“Want to be a world class content creator? Produce more than you consume.”

— James Delong

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Starting taking action and create content now and revise later.