Advice For Young Entrepreneurs

It took me a while but I figured out what my calling was, and that’s to share my advice with things that I’ve learned for the younger generations such as yourself reading this.

Every young entrepreneur should know that starting a business will take time, planning and consistency to create an income that can set them financially free.

Well what I’m going to be teaching you next may seem simple but if done properly can set you up for a lifetime of being independent and earning a decent living that you truly enjoy.

 Content Creation

What this article is about is content creation but not just any type of content.

 There are so many different types of platforms out there that you can create content on but they’re not all treated equally.

 If your goal is to gain tons of followers and subscribers or likes that’s one thing but if your goal is to make a business and earn an income from the content you created then be sure to continue reading.

From the top of my head I can list many platforms such as Instagram, Tik-Tok, Snapchat, Facebook,  Etc.   Now what do all these platforms have in common?

They allow you to create content and to gain followers, subscribers or whatever you want to call them But can’t compete when comparing it to owning the audience of your own by creating Evergreen content that you can build an email list from.

I’ve used Facebook in the past and built an email list from it of over 25,000 people and that is an asset that I can control, so if I want to send an update, promote an offer, or just to say hi, I know that when I press send that all 25,000 of my contact  will see it.

You might be saying to yourself so what does that have to do with anything. well how about if I told you that my Facebook group is over 175000 members and if I make a post less than 2,000 people see it.

 So for the years that it took me to build this Facebook group of members I don’t even have access to send them all a notice or an update without having to pay for it. Facebook charges money if I would like to boost my post to get more audience people to see these announcements or updates that I have.

 Having my own email list I can send out an email to all of them whenever I feel like it without paying anyone.    

 This is just a foreshadowing because now I’m going to talk to you about blogging and why this is an important factor for your entrepreneurial journey.


When you’re able to build your own website on a specific topic you can then begin monetizing by collecting email addresses from those visitors and properly promoting your own products and services, or become an affiliate and promote those offers as well.

 Your blog can do a few things one, it shows that you’re an authority figure because you own that blog two, you can create ways to capture someone’s email address by giving them offers in exchange for their email.

 Different from a Facebook post where you’re not going to be asking for an email every time which seems like kind of pushy or spammy. When you have a blog post they could see it there and it’s not “too in their face” type of pushy.

If you build a good website that can drive traffic to your articles and as a starting point get your first 100 thousand visitors per month as an average then you can expect anywhere from 1500 to $2,500 a month passively.

 If each one of your articles generates anywhere from 800 to 1200 views a month and you have over a hundred articles then you should be seeing those types of numbers.

 Going back to what we said earlier about me giving an advice this is something I would give to younger adults that are in school because while 100 may seem like a lot it really isn’t. If you think of going to college for 2 years well think of it as creating one blog post per week for two years.

 there are 52 weeks in a year so into your time frame if you spent the time just to create one single blog post a week you would have over a 104 blog posts

Not all these articles will be winners sonme may get 20 to 30 views a month While others could get 1000 to 5,000 or much more.

 The more you right and understand and learn about blogging the better you become at writing thus making your article better and ranking higher in the search engines which then interns gives you more viewers.

 Creating a Blog should be your first step of entry for starting your business going forward because later on when we talk about creating videos and podcast this blog site could be your main Hub so that way you can embed those videos and audio files onto your own personal site.

Video Creation

I love video creation, it is the way that we’re moving towards if you recall in the earlier years first it was a little bit of  emails, then it was texting, then it was messenger, now it’s FaceTiming and more things to do with video being the source of communication.

 If you can create a blog on a specific topic you can also create videos about that topic and embedded to your website so this way you can double-dip so not only can you use each one of your videos to promote an offer or service inside your description you could also tell them to find more information on your blog site which then leads to more traffic.

There’s more traffic you get to your website the more money you can earn if you place ads on your webpage.

 I hope you’re starting to see how these all taillon to each other so starting off with your blog create a new articles next you can create a video about that article to give someone an additional modality to consume your topic.

 Every video that you make you should have a call to action or they’re it tells them to check the links of the description or to tell them to like your video to subscribe to your Channel or even to watch more videos going forward. 

What I truly enjoy about videos is what I call them as to be one-off salesperson’s.   if I were strolling on your blog page I can see your article any links on the side so I know that there’s always some type of offer or call to action in order for me to consume more of your goods or services that you have to offer. Same thing goes with a video and the more videos and blog articles you have, these are all like individual salespersons that can help promote your products and services.

The beauty of having a video is how you decide to create and share your own personality with your audience. Reading an article is great but they can’t really get a true feeling of who you are as much as they can with video content. 

Reading an article leave so much out for the imagination whereas if I were to watch a video of you I can learn more about your mannerisms and any other personal things you may share which then can help me feel more relatable to you.

Speaking of relatable this sets us up for the next part where we can talk about podcasting.


I don’t know about you but I spend most of my time on any of my commute listening to podcast. I love the fact that I can listen and learn while doing something very mundane such as driving or even cutting the grass.

 You might think that’s weird how I started off this podcasting section but I want you to understand why I did. Think about the YouTubers that you watch right now many of them have actually transferred to adding some type of podcast element into there content creation process.

 No not everyone has an hour or two to sit down and just listen to a video on YouTube how ever turn into a podcast we can just put on some earbuds and Easley Drive somewhere or do something where nothing it was really too intense where we can’t just listening and consume someone’s podcast.   

 and because of that understanding being a podcast here you could really spend a lot of your times in someone’s head. They’re going to know you a lot more on a deeper level than any video or even article could bring. If you listen to your favorite podcasts here for an hour a day for the next two to three weeks you’re going to feel like you really know that person.

Most YouTube videos are say around 7 to 12 minutes long which is still plenty but it’s not even close In comparison to what most 35 minute or 45 minutes  podcast segments are like.

Adding at a podcast or some type of like Q & A session where you evolve your audience or something on a deeper level where you can speak for 30 to 40 minutes long and often can bring a deeper connection between you and your audience.

 this type of connection can allow you to sell things much easier because they have followed you for a lengthy amount of time and feel like they really know, like and trust you.

While I haven’t added a new podcast specifically for this James Delong Niche where I talk about passive income it’s going to be something that I definitely will add once I hit their 100 articles and 100 video mark this will be my next step.

 Final thoughts

 as a young entrepreneur you have plenty of time, however the quicker you can get things in motion and understand at least the goal that training for then you can pivot along the way and just get better at the art of writing the art of creating videos and if you decide to add podcasting that would be another great source for you to grow your business.

Last thing I want to mention is I did not say at one point what your Niche site had to be about because pretty much it could be anything that you’re passionate about or that you enjoy speaking on.    

You just need to be consistent and have a goal on getting at least 100K page views a month on your blog, 1and if you do video, then shoot for a goal of 10,000 subscribers or more on your Channel.   (By the way that 10000 is just a random number I picked because it gives you a goal to shoot for)

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