$1000 a Month Passive Income Ideas You Can Start Today

While I can talk about rental properties, crypto, royalties and the likes, I want to speak to you on what I think is the best way today that you can earn passive income with low upfront costs and minimal skillsets. Plus, these are topics that I have personal experience with.

$1000 a month passive income ideas can include content creation. Such as starting a blog, a youtube channel, a podcast, affiliate marketing, selling products and services and anything else where you’ll continue to earn money with minimal involvement after initial start or setup.

Here are some passive income ideas that we will be going over and I’ll touch on each while providing you best practices and strategies so you can make a decision on where you should begin.

  • Starting a blog
  • Creating a YouTube channel
  • Hosting a podcast
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling own products and services

The list above is something that I wish I took full advantage of in my earlier years. You have before you know the time and Technology to create a  unimaginable amount of wealth. 

Over 10 years ago I started my first blog and within a year or two I sold it and made some money from it however I didn’t realize that if I kept it how much passive income I would be earning to this day. 

Now the thing that I would bring to your attention is while you can see on this list there are multiple modalities for platforms that you can create content with now if you’re someone that likes to speak and not be seen than maybe a podcast would be your go-to platform. 

If you’re someone that likes to write and enjoy that more than being seen then possibly starting a blog and lastly if you enjoy being in front of the camera and don’t enjoy writing like me then starting a YouTube channel is perfect for you.

However the perfect harmony would be a hybrid of all this so in a perfect world I would suggest that you start a YouTube channel to create your content from there which then can turn into a podcast and also add on to your blog so you’re knocking out 3 with 1 method of content creation.

How These Platform With Generate Passive Income

When done properly you can actually just create content and never have any products or services to sell and make money by allocating advertising space on your site. 

This alone can generate thousands of dollars a month and allow you to love a wonderful lifestyle of your choice.

On the blog platform you can actually create evergreen content that you know is specifically targeted to a certain niche of readers and have ads show up on your page that the advertisers will pay good money to show up on.

This tactic will be similar to your YouTube channel and podcast where you’re selling advertising space or sponsorships in order for a brand to be in front of your audience that an Advertiser would pay for.

Starting a Blog

Let’s begin with blogging because in my opinion it’s to me the easiest to start and build on.

For this scenario the objective is to start a blog on a topic that you’re familiar with or a journey that you can go on and have people follow and read your articles.

When you can create Evergreen content which will continue to drive traffic to your page every month and do this for at least 2 years then your traffic will continue to compound and at some point you should have a steady amount of traffic that generates passive income for you for many years to come.

What it comes down to how much you would like to earn each month and the niche you chose for your blog the results will vary.

If you have a website that can generate 20 or 30 thousand views a month and is it a really high paying Niche such as something with lawyers, dentist and doctors who are looking for leads then the earnings per views will more than likely be higher than if you were in a niche that was on entertainment and gossip where even if you were getting a hundred to two hundred thousand views a month, the advertisers may not pay as much.

But the thing to know is it’s not about how much you make is if it’s something you can do you enjoy and can sustain for at least 2 years to build your foundation of blog post.

Creating a YouTube channel

This is somewhat new and fun for me as I recently got into creating videos and while I actually enjoy creating videos I don’t like the editing so doing the live streams is what I gravitated to because it’s less work for me I like the simplicity of the process.

Making passive income from YouTube is pretty awesome if done correctly. I like YouTube for selling and teaching much more than I do blogs or any other medium.

I consider each video that I produce to be a personal salesperson. For each video that I create I will always link something in the description where they can learn more about me or a call to action where I can tell them the next steps of what to do.

The more videos that I have in my catalog means the more opportunities that I have to promote my products and services. This differs a little bit from a Blog because on the blog I am actually teaching something, writing an article that’s interesting, or entertaining and at the very end I may have my call to action but with a live stream or YouTube video I don’t even mention it, however my call to action will be listed in the description or every one of my videos.

The reason I brought this up about the YouTube channel versus blog is because on the blog I’m going to write this article and I’m not going to inside of it tell you what if you want more information by this work like that I’d rather just give you the information you need such I’m doing right now and then you might see the call to action at the very end or see it somewhere along side of my page.

What I like about a Blog is I don’t even have to use it as a medium to sell anything just getting views to my page and allowing the ads to earn me income does me really well and that’s the objective I choose so you won’t see too many time where I try to promote an offer in my blog posts.

Creating a YouTube channel with user search intent meaning if someone’s was specifically searching for the content you were creating then you will be able to generate traffic as long as the video is of quality content.

Having this catalog of videos is how you create your passive income because again each video If done correctly will build on top of each other to build your subscriber list to build your fanbase to let people know more about your offers and also if you joined the YouTube Partner programs you can get paid for advertising and sponsorships and side of your videos.

Similar to a blog post you can create a video today and still earn income from it years from now and this is true passive income.

Hosting a Podcast

Do you really want to talk about making simple passive income?  That was a meta sentence because I said the word “talk” in this podcast section.

I found this to be one of the easier methods of passive income if you have the right strategy for creating a podcast that will get people to want to listen to you. When I first started I used libsyn and added it to my blog and then and then I found and app called Anchor which totally changed the game for me and the way I created fast content..

There are many ways that you can create your podcast but for the simplicity if you think about it you’re really just talking into a microphone and in my case I was just using my phone.  I have all the stuff for a high production podcast now and do use it but I didn’t start there and you shouldn’t wait for all the gear.  You have everything you need in your pocket.. 

Technology has made everything so much easier so I’m not going to say 100{166b94f287569d1a0b2d85b3ea75ab9dd7b0d0871262724b9cd08371aa02a20d} that podcasting is easier than blogging or creating videos but in my personal opinion I find chatting to be quite easy and it can be done with a smartphone.

Right now you can literally create a video on your phone and upload to Youtube,  you can use programs where you can dictate and have it written for you (which is what I’m doing at this moment) and with a click of the button publish it for the world to see.

You can use a recorder on your phone to record your voice, upload it to your podcast and hit publish all the same. 

These are all different ways and methods of creating content and like I mentioned earlier when you can create content that is Evergreen that gets people to come back over and over you can create passive income from that content and that’s why these are the first three strategies I talked about. 

Advertisements are one of the most effective ways that podcasts can produce passive income, although it may take time to build an audience that attracts the attention of potential advertisers, it is very doable.

Affiliate Marketing

For this section we’re going to talk about affiliate marketing and if you aren’t familiar with what affiliate marketing is, let me sum it up for you.

It is an arrangement on which a retailer will pay commissions to an affiliate (you) to promote their products and or services.  

Usually it will be for the retailer to earn a sale from your affiliation and recommendation of their goods. Some will want leads and brand awareness through your promotion but for the most part they want to get a return on their investment so a sale is the main goal.

I’m going to give you a quick example and you’ve probably seen this without realizing what it is next time that you do a search on YouTube and you look for a product chances are you will hear the person say check the link in the description and that’s more than likely to affiliate link to that product or service that they’re talking about.

It’s quite common that you’ll see affiliate links to Amazon and if you make a purchase after clicking their link they will receive some sort of commission off any items you bought using their link.

Now that you have an understanding of what an affiliate link is, I want you to think of how creating content and having links tied to each content you create earn you some serious passive income. 

 let’s backtrack a little bit now and I want you to see this whole process and 1 bigflo you create a YouTube video you made mention some type of product or service and you tell the viewer if they want to learn more about it they can check it out in the description below.

 In this description is where you would have the link to the product where if they click on it they will get cooking on their computer or phone and if any purchases are made within a certain time frame you earn a small commission from it.

Do this for every single video that you create on your YouTube channel now think of the possibilities of how many times these videos are getting viewed and how many times people can go back into your description and click on this link so this is how you see people make multiple thousands of dollars on YouTube and not just by the ads they have by join the YouTube Partner program.

The same process goes for your blogs you can create blogs with links to other places not just Amazon where you could become an affiliate and recommend their products and services and earn quite a nice commission from those as well.

The money gets even crazier when we start talking about your own products and services.

Selling You Own Products and Services

This is what I call icing on the cake and it can also 10x your passive income earnings.  

Now here’s the thing about selling your own products and services not everybody wants to do it and if you’re just creating a blog or you’re creating content where it’s being seen thousands of times a month you can earn a really nice passive income just based off the ad revenue from the advertisers so what I’m telling you right now while it’s great it’s not necessary.

However, it can absolutely change your bank account overnight. When you’re looking at ads and commissions from affiliate links those are could be just a few dollars there but if you’re creating a product or services Then you can control how much profit that you want to make.

I don’t know how far you want to get into the rabbit hole with creating your own products but I just want you  just think about this for a moment.

If you were to sell a product on as an affiliate from Amazon and it was listed for a hundred bucks you could might four to six dollars on commission.   However if you created your own product or service where you charged $100 well that’s $100 minus whatever it cost you to provide that product to your customer.

This is how internet marketers can create low ticket digital items and make thousands a month.

Putting The Big Picture Together

That was a lot that we went through but I want to give you a big picture overview of how you could see this all work together and how you can create passive income for years to come based on pieces of content you create today.

This is my process:

I would live stream first then take that content extractor audio and that part becomes my podcast next up I will actually do a summary of my live stream and video content and place that on my blog.

On the blog I will embed my YouTube video along with the podcast link and show notes to create the blog content and this one strategy can create passive on multiple platforms and is down all from one1 piece of content.

You don’t need to do what I’ve done you can either just create a podcast by itself a YouTube channel by itself or blocked by itself but once you get to the point where you’re starting to see momentum and you have the skill set of create to each one in doing them well then I say do a hybrid.

If you can do a live stream this will cut down on tons of editing then you would strip out pieces of the livestream to do video on demand content for YouTube and then the other pieces could also fill in the podcast and the blog post so as you can see I’m able to create passive income by having a strategy in place.

Final Thoughts

This post was to give you ideas but I wanted to dive in deeper to show you examples of how I use these specific techniques in order to make passive income.

Keep things super simple at first and then progressively grow your business with other platforms as much as you feel necessary. Not everybody needs a Lamborghini to have a fulfilled life I sure as heck don’t.

Create as much content as you are comfortable with and if you ever feel like you need a pay raise, well create more content 😉